05211 Circulating fluidized bed combustion — An accessible technology of clean coal combustion

05211 Circulating fluidized bed combustion — An accessible technology of clean coal combustion

09 Combustion (burners, combustion systems) Catalytic stabilization of lean premixed combus96105209 tion: Method for improving NO, emissions Schl...

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Catalytic stabilization of lean premixed combus96105209 tion: Method for improving NO, emissions Schlesel. A. et al.. Combustion & Flame, Mav 1996. 105. (3), 332-340. An experimental and numerical investigation is reported of Nb;.emissions from both catalytically stabilized and noncatalytic, lean premixed, atmospheric combustion of methane. Experiments were in a tubular, adiabatic flow reactor with catalyically active or inactive honeycomb structures and with adiabatic flame temoeratures from 1300” to 1500°C. In order to studv the effect of catalytic c&version of NO, formation, the fraction of fuel converted within the catalyst was varied within the range of 0% (corn-sponding to noncatalytic combustion) to 100%. Characteristics of the fluidized-bed combustor with 96105210 a water cooled distributor Wu, X. et al., Ranshao Kexue Yu Jishu. 1995, 1, (3) 226-234. (In Chinese) The svstematic exueriments on characteristics of the fluidized-bed combustor 4th a waterrcooled distributor were conducted on an atmospheric fluidized bed test facility with the cross-section of 0.664 m X 0.656 m.

96105219 Combustion of pulverized coal with addltivss under conditions simulating blast furnace injection Vamvuka, D. er al., Fuel, Jul. 1996, 75, (9), 1145-1150. The combustion properties of pulverized coal with additives were studied under conditions simulating injection into the blast furnace (heating rate 10’ KS”, residence time ~20 ms, final temperature 1SOO”C). Comparative analysis of the dynamics of NO, con96105220 trol varlants Burov, D. V. er al., Teploenergetika (Moscow), 1995, (7), 68-76. (In Russian) The oaner describes how NO. formation in a oulverized coal-fired boiler is contioiled by using a numbe; of variations df two methods, i.e. changing secondary air delivery rate to the top burner row and varying the distribution of coal consumption among all burners. 96105221 Comparison of chars produced in a drop-tube furnace and combustion test facility from coals characterized using image analysis techniques Lester, E. er al., Coal Sri. Technol., 1995, 24, (l), 627-630


Circulating fiuidized bed combustion - An accessible technology of clean coal combustion Wang, D. et al., Ranshao Kexue Yu Jishu, 199.5, 1, (1) 49-53. (In Chinese) The paper discusses the current status of the development of circulating fluidized bed combustion technology and a novel staged circulating fluidized combustion system with louver type separators is introduced. Clean burn coal fired power plant. New deveiop96105212 ments to face more strinaent emission control5 Cooper, J. F. Rev. Electr. dectron., 1995, (3), 41-46. Describes a 250 MW boiler at .Mine de Gardane in Provence, France, now being commissioned, will be the world’s largest circulating fluidized bed installation. Clean combustion technology of pulverized coal 96105213 with oxygen Suzuki, T. and Kobayashi, N. Kirro Zar~~o, 1995, 15, (ll), 28-32. (In Japanese) The paper discusses clean combustion of pulverized coal with oxygen. Combustion properties of pulverized coal in high-temperature oxygen, the surface conditions of particles in combustion, and combustion mechanisms of pulverized coal. Clean combustion utilizing fiuidized-bed boilers 96105214 Remenyi, K. Combust. Effic. Air Qual., Plenum, New York, N.Y., USA, 1995, 137-150. Based on the operating experience acquired with the boilers transformed during the past six years, the authors state that the hybrid-fluid system developed at VEIKI can be safety adapted for higher performance as well. The environmental benefits are significant, but they can still be improved for selection of the feeding points, for air distribution, and for regulation. Coal char reactivity characterization for burnout 96/05215 prediction In utility boilers Beeley, T. J. er al., Coal Sci. Technol., 1995, 24, (l), 615-618. 96105216 Combustion char morphology related to combustion temperature and coal petrography Rosenberg, P. er al., Fuel, Jul. 1996. 75. (9). 1071-1082. The mor 14OO”C, together with chars collected directly in the flame zone in a full-scale pulverized fuel combustion experiment, was examined. A coal and coal blend dominated by vitriniterich microlithotypes together with four coals dominated by inertinite-rich microlithotypes were used to produce the combustion chars. 96105217 Combustlon measurements from an Impinging radial Jet reattachment flame Mohr, J. W. er al., Combusrion & Flame, Jul. 1996, 106, (l), 69-80. A Radial Jet Reattachment (RJR) nozzle forces an air flow to reattach to a surface in a ring-like configuration and then flow outwardly and inwardly. A highly turbulent recirculation region above the nozzle produces high transport properties in the reattachment area and over a large area away from the centreline of reattachment. By introducing natural gas into the recirculation region, a radial jet reattachment combustion nozzle has demonstrated improved fuel/air mixing for use in impingement flame heating, 96105216 Combustion of coal gas In Siemens as turbines: Experience with start-up of the Buggenum coa 9-gasification gas-and-steam power plant Vortmeyer, N. et al,, VDI-Ber., 1995, 1193, 597-605. (In German) The paper describes the operating experiences for combustion of purified coal gasification gases in a gas turbine as part of a combined-cycle power plant.


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96105222 Concentration and temperature measurements in a laser-induced high explosive ignition zone. Part I: LIF spectroscopy measurements Ostmark. H. ef al., Combustion & Flame, Mav 1996, 105, (3), 381-390. The paper describes a method that combines a laser ignition technique with laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy for studying the gas-phase products in a laser-induced subignition zone and the reactions that lead to a self-sustained ignition. The experiment comprises a tunable 180 W CO,laser as ignition source, an excimer pumped dye-laser for inducing the fluorescence, and a spectrometer equipped with an optical multichannel analyzer. 96105223 The dense phase circulation characteristics of a gasifier with two fiuidized beds Huang, W. et al., Huazhong Ligong Daxue Xuebao, 1996, 24, (l), 20-22. (In Chinese) Describes the development of a theoretical model for the dense phase circulation between two fluidized beds. Expressions for the calculation of the solid particle circulation were derived. 96105224 Detailed oxidation kinetics and flame inhibition effects of chioromethane Wang, H. el al., Combusfron 13 Flame, May 1996, 105, (3), 291-307. A comprehensive experimental and numerical study has been performed on the detailed oxidation kinetics and the flame inhibition effects of chloromethane, with an emphasis on the isolation of the temperature and chemical effects caused bv substitution of methane in the fuel bv chloromethane. The experim’ental efforts involved in the determination of laminar burning velocities for a series of fuel mixtures of different ratios of chloromethane-to methane, but with a fixed ratio of total fuel to oxygen (and air). The thermal and chemical effects were isolated by comparing the laminar burning velocities obtained with the adiabatic flame temperature uncompensated with the substitution of methane by chloromethane, versus those obtained with fixed adiabatic flame temperature achieved by replacing nitrogen in air with an equal amount of argon. 96105225 Determination of ignition deia times in mixtures of ethylene oxide, oxygen, and argon behin cy a reflected shock Kang, J. G. er al., Combusrion & Flame, Jul. 1996, 106, (l), 81-88. The detonation of mixtures of ethylene oxide, oxygen, and argon has been studied in a shock tube and also using computer modelling from 950 to 1220 K at 100 torr. The emission from OH at 306.4 nm from behind the reflected shock was measured to monitor ignition delay times. Using a mechanism of 88 elementary reactions, involving 30 chemical species, ignition delay times were computed. The simulation and sensitivity analysis confirmed that the isomerization of ethylene oxide to acetaldehyde is the main chain-initiation step 96105226 Development of combustion techniques with fueirich coal-air stream Qin, Y. et al., Ranshao Kexue Yu Jishu, 1995, 1, (l), 43-48. (In Chinese) Discusses the technical features of pulverized coal burners operating on fuel-rich coal-air streams, both in China and abroad. 96105227 Diagnostics and modeling of strained fuel-rich acetylene/oxygen flames used for diamond deposltion Glumac, N. G. and Goodwin, D. G. Combustion & Flame, May 1996, 105, (3), 321-331. Low pressure (35 torr) strained acetylene/oxygen flames similar to those used for diamond chemical vapor deposition are studied using laserinduced fluorescence ILIF) and mass snectrometrv. Relative OH concentration and OH rotational temperature profiles are’obtained by LIF, while absolute mole fractions of CIH,, CH,, H2 and CO are measured at the substrate by mass spectrometry. The results of the diagnostics are compared with the predictions of a one-dimensional strained flame code. The agreement between model prediction and experiments is generally good and usually within experimental uncertainties.