Alstom secures Australian turnkey power plant project

Alstom secures Australian turnkey power plant project

May 2005 POWER GENERATION AKER KVAERNER WINS GREEN ENERGY WORK Aker Kvaerner has secured contracts worth 65 million for delivery of a biofuel-fired ...

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May 2005

POWER GENERATION AKER KVAERNER WINS GREEN ENERGY WORK Aker Kvaerner has secured contracts worth 65 million for delivery of a biofuel-fired boiler plant in Sweden and for power boiler modernization work in Sweden, Lithuania and Slovakia. “These new contracts show that green energy production is a growing trend in Europe. The plants are investing in new boilers or modernizing their existing units with fluidized bed technology to be able to use various kinds of demanding biofuels,” said Lennart Ohlsson, president of Kvaerner Power. Kvaerner Power will deliver a power boiler plant to Kappa Kraftliner AB’s mill in Piteå, in Northern Sweden. The delivery will consist of a power boiler (132 MWth) using bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology. The boiler will burn biofuels like bark, sawdust, forest residue, peat and sludges. It will also burn recycled fibre reject and wood waste. The delivery also includes a flue gas cleaning system. The power boiler plant will be ready in spring 2007.

The Swedish municipal energy company Ängelholm Energi AB is modernizing and expanding its Åkerslund cogeneration plant. The boiler rebuild by Kvaerner Power will increase the plant’s thermal capacity by 50% and extend fuel options, such as demolition wood. By increasing the proportion of renewable biofuels, like peat, forest residue and recovered wood, emissions should be sharply reduced. The boiler will be ready for start-up at the end of 2006. The Lithuanian energy company Vilniaus Energija UAB will upgrade its old power boiler to produce green electricity. Kvaerner Power will modernize the 60 MW boiler to burn biofuels with bubbling fluidized bed technology. The boiler will start-up at the beginning of 2006. Meanwhile the paper company Mondi Business Paper will upgrade the power boiler at its Ruzomberok mill in Northern Slovakia. The mill’s original power boiler from the 1980s has already been modernized to use bubbling fluidized bed technology. Now bark will be able to be used as a fuel and the mill’s energy efficiency will improve. The upgraded 83 MW boiler will be ready for start-up at the end of 2005.

FW TO SUPPLY BIOMASS-FIRED BOILER TO PORTUGAL Foster Wheeler Ltd’s Spanish subsidiary in the Foster Wheeler Global Power Group is to supply a biomass-fired bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boiler to Portucel Viana Energia under a 11.08 million contract. The boiler will be fired on bark and mill rejects and will be located at Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Foster Wheeler will

supply the 42.5 ton/h boiler, together with ancillary equipment, and will also manage erection and start-up. Work on the project has already been started, and completion is scheduled for August 2006.

AREVA, TENEX IN TECHNOLOGY AGREEMENT AREVA and the Russian company TENEX have signed a 50 million technology transfer agreement for the construction of a uranium defluorination plant in Siberia. The transfer includes the design of the installation, equipment supply, supervision of erection, testing, training in operation and maintenance. AREVA will follow the contract to the end in 2009. The company currently owns the only such plant in the world. Situated on the Pierrelatte site in the Drôme region of France, it has been transforming depleted uranium hexafluoride from enrichment plants into uranium oxide (U308), since 1984.

ALSTOM SECURES AUSTRALIAN TURNKEY POWER PLANT PROJECT Alstom has won a 130 million contract from independent power producer Braemar Power Project Pty Ltd, for the supply of a turnkey 450 MW open-cycle gas-fired power plant at Braemar, in Queensland, Australia. Alstom will design, supply, install and commission the entire power plant, consisting of 3 x Alstom GT13E2 gas turbines, step-up transformers, plant control systems and balance of plant. The site has been designed to incorporate three further gas turbine units at a later date with adequate space for the turbines to be converted to combined cycle.

Construction of all three units is due to begin at the end of May with commercial operation expected in July 2006. When complete, the plant will help meet the ever increasing electricity demands of the state of Queensland.

NUSTART COOPERATES WITH DOE NuStart Energy Development LLC, a consortium of nine nuclear power companies operating 58% of the US’s nuclear power plants, has signed a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Energy for design work and preparation of Combined Construction and Operating Licenses (COLs) applications for new nuclear power plants in the US. The DOE award to NuStart is expected to result in several hundreds of millions of dollars of funding over the next several years. Federal funding is matched 50/50 by NuStart and its industrial partners. NuStart currently plans to submit a COL application in 2008. This would be the first license application for a new nuclear plant in the United States under the NRC's new licensing process. NuStart plans to select two sites by October of 2005.

PULP & PAPER METSO TO REBUILD UPM FINE PAPER MACHINE Metso Paper will deliver a large rebuild of the fine paper machine PM 3 to the UPMowned Nordland Papier in Niedersachsen, Germany. The 60 million rebuild will be completed during autumn 2006.



The project options include a reservoir in Oxfordshire with a potential useful storage capacity of 150 million cubic metres. The reservoir would store excess flows from the River Thames during winter and release water to the region during the summer months. The London area’s predicted growth of 800 000 residents through 2016, climate change, and increasing per capita consumption all contribute to the region’s increasing demand for water.

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