423 Mr. TREW (of Steyning) moved, and Mr. HARRIS (of Worthing) seconded,-"That a petition [read to the meeting] be adopted, and that the members for t...

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423 Mr. TREW (of Steyning) moved, and Mr. HARRIS (of Worthing) seconded,-"That a petition [read to the meeting] be adopted, and that the members for the borough of Brighton be

Physic and Surgery,"-Mr. W. J. WEST, of Tonbridge, in the chair; whereupon, after deliberation, it was

Proposed by Mr. HARGRAVES, of Tonbridge Wells, seconded to present and support it, and that the other borough by Mr. STARLINC of Hadlow, and resolved unanimously, requested and county members be requested to support its prayer." " That this meeting entertain the deepest respect for the sentiMr. GEORGE WEEKES (of Hurstperpoint) proposed, and Mr ments expressed by the Right Hon. the Secretary of State, (Sir GEAR (of Newhaven) seconded, the appointment of the following in in the House of his on inJames Graham,) Commons, speech as a committee, to carry out the objects of the petition troducing the Medical Bill. They therefore feel equal disappoint- -gentlemen Messrs. Drummond, Cordy, Burrows, Mott, Seabrookt and. ment and regret at finding many clauses in the Bill quite at which was adopted unanimously. variance with those sentiments, greatly prejudicial to the interests of the general practitioner of medicine, surgery, and midwifery, and that it ought on no account to pass into a law in its present THE SURGEONS OF THE COUNTY OF HEREFORD. form." To the Right Hon. Sir James Graham, Bart., Her Majesty’s Proposed by Mr. GoRHAM, of Tonbridge, and seconded by Secretary of State for the Home Department. Mr. SEDGWICK, of Maidstone, The Memorial of the Surgeons of the City and County of Hereford " That this meeting approve of a Council of Health, properly SHEWEtH,— constructed ; but as the present Bill makes no provision for any That your memorialists, members of the Royal College of’ of the in such council, they Surgeons of England resident in the city and county of Hereford, general practitioner, representatives are of opinion, that it will neither possess nor deserve the confiin compliance with the oath they have recently taken, on being dence of the profession, since seventeen or eighteen thousand admitted members of the College, to maintain its dignity and’ members will be placed at the arbitrary control of a few." welfare to the utmost of their power, feel it to be an imperative’ Proposed by Mr. THOMPSON, of Westerham, and seconded by duty respectfully to call your attention to the injustice displayed Mr. HARGRAVES, of Tonbridge Wells, in the mode of carrying out the charter recently granted to the " That this meeting cannot refrain from expressing great mis- Royal College.



trust in the powers invested in the Council of Health, as at present proposed to be constituted, as likely to destroy that cordiality and good feeling which ought to exist between the different

Your memorialists cannot but feel, that the Council of the College of Surgeons of England has broken faith with the general body of the members, by the principle of election to the newly-created grade of the fellowship which it has seen fit to pursue. Full power was given to the Council by the new charter to carry out this principle in a way which would not have interfered with existing rights and privileges, but it has not done so; and further, your memorialists consider the course it has adopted is most injurious and degrading to the overwhelming majority of its members, and utterly at variance with those principtes of honour and justice which should ever distinguish a Royal ‘


classes of practitioners in medicine.’’ Proposed by Mr. DUNCAN, of Tonbridge Wells, and seconded I by Mr. SANKEY, of Leeds, " That it is essential to the respectability of the general practitioner, that he should have authority over the education and examination of members of his own body. That this meeting therefore earnestly desire the members to be placed on a proper footing, in their own College, (that of members, or of fellows, of the College of Surgeons,) or incorporated in a separate collegiate form, by Royal Charter, confirmed by Act of Parliament; and further beg to express their desire that a higher standard of education shall be required by the new College than that required by the College of Surgeons." Proposed by Mr. WALLACE, of Hartfield, and seconded by Mr. PowELL, of Tonbridge Wells, " That in conformity with the spirit of the foregoing resolutions, a petition and memorial be respectively presented to the House of Commons, and the Right Hon. the Secretary of State for the Home Department; that copies be sent to the National Association, and the Members of the Western Division of the County be requested to present the petition, and to support the prayer of


Your memorialists fully recognise the right of merit to the distinction of the fellowship, but this principle of election can only be justly carried out to a very limited extent, and when it isthought necessary to go beyond this, they are of opinion that the only just mode is then to make " length of standing in the profession" the means of admission for all present members to the fellowship, (at once, if they have attained the requisite period, or as they respectively do so,) since it is the only plan which, from. its not being retrospective, would prove satisfactory to the members in general, and regain for the Council that perfect confidence which has been so much shaken by a departure from it in the late,:


For these reasons, your memorialists would humbly, but earnestly, suggest for pour consideration the propriety of advising her Majesty to grant a new charter to the Royal College of Surgeons of England, or to sanction such a modification of the present BRIGHTON. charter, as will effectually remove the injustice which has been’ A MEETING of the medical practitioners of Brighton and its thus cast upon the majority of the members of the College; or, inneighbourhood was held at the Town Hall, on the 31st March, the event of neither of these plans being deemed admissible, your for the purpose of taking into consideration the Bill lately pre- memorialists would also respectfully suggest for your considarasented to the House of Commons, entitled " A Bill for regulating tion, the propriety of advising her Majesty to grant a separatethe profession of Physic and Surgery,"-Mr. DR17MMOND in the charter of incorporation for the general practitioners, as a measure’ Chair. The following resolutions were moved and adopted :then essentially necessary, in their opinion, for the maintenance Moved by Mr. MOTT, and seconded by Mr. MITCHELL,— of the welfare and prosperity of this most important class of the " That this meeting, having considered the provisions contained nrofession. Date of Diploma. in the Bi!llately presented to the House of Commons, is of opinion Date of Diploma. 1806 that the same is highly objectionable to them as general prac- Edward Wallcer, Kington 1796 James Price, Hereford 1812 J. W. P. Lyde, Hay..... 1807 titioners, and would be injurious to the public at large if passed George Rootes, Ross into a law." Philip James, Hereford... 1813 T. F. Watling, Leominster 1813 Mr. LOWDELL called the attention of the meeting to a fact Henry Rudge, Leominster 1613 James Lane, Urosmont... 1813 which explained the paucity of numbers of the Brighton practi- John M. Probyn, Kington 1815 S. Millard, Whitchurch... 1826 tioners present at this meeting. An opinion was entertained by a J. B. Shelton, Bromyard 1824 Chas. E. Thomson, Ross 1828 1829 great number, that the meeting having been called by a branch R. P. Morris, Kingsland...1829 H. J. Jenkins, Madley of the Association, those attending it must be a part of that Asso- Wm. H. Denham, Pyon... 1829 Miles A Wood, Ledbury 1830 ciation, whereas this was a meeting by itself, and the words of G. R. Terry, Hereford... 1830 Thos. Pritchard, Hereford 1830’ Charles Cook, Ledbury... 1830 Edwd. James, Kington ... 1830 the circular shewed it. Mr. CoRDO BURROWS said that he might, as Honorary Wm. Thompson, Kington 1830 E. W. Howey, Bromyard 1831’ Secretary of the Brighton Branch of the National Association, John S. Palmer, Weobly 1830 John Tanner, Ledbury... 1832; be permitted to explain to the gentlemen who attended this Joseph Thomas, Hay...... 1831 T. Burlton, Leominster... 183. meeting from the country, that there had been some little discus- H. C. Barnard, Hereford 1834 John Morris, Hereford 1837 sion as to the mode of calling it. He himself had been desirous Robt. Archibald, Hereford 1834 T. T. Price, Hereford 1838 of calling it by requisition, but the majority of the members de- Edmund Jones, Ross...... 1835 G. Woodcock, Eardisley 1839 1840cided that it should be called in the manner it had been. He did G. H. Marshall, Kington 1836 Peter B. Giles, Byford not think, that if any gentleman read the circular, he could Wm. Blakely, Kington... 1838 Joseph G. Barrett, Ross... 1841 suppose it was a meeting of the Association. After the admirable Henry G. Bull, Hereford 1841 Saml. Wandby, Hereford 1842’’ address of Mr. Mott, which explained the objects of the meeting J. Marshall, Leominster 1841 Thos. Bishop, Hereford... 1842 and the position in which the medical profession stood, it was un- F. R. Trumper, Hereford 1842 H.W.Watling,Leominster 1843 Geo. Gwillim, Ledbury... 1843 lleeessary for him to make any remarks on the subject.-