Codexis reports 2Q 2011 results

Codexis reports 2Q 2011 results

FOCUS ON S U R FA C TA N T S sales of Rup 104.67 crores, on a standalone basis, for 2Q ended Jun 2011 (net profit of Rup 0.87 crores on net sales o...

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sales of Rup 104.67 crores, on a standalone basis, for 2Q ended Jun 2011 (net profit of Rup 0.87 crores on net sales of Rup 132.88 crores 2Q ended Jun 2010). During 2Q 2011, the company derived revenues of Rup 33.99 crores from its cosmetics and Rup 70.68 crores from detergents businesses (revenues of Rup 46.70 crores from its cosmetics and Rup 86.18 crores from detergents businesses in 2Q 2010). The financial figures for the company are presented in a table. (1 crore = 10 M).

businesses in the quarter ended Jun 2010. (1 crore = 10 M).

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Brenntag has signed an agreement to acquire the Chinese industrial solvents distributor Zhong Yung (International) Chemicals. The firm is expected to have a turnover of €255 M in 2011. The acquisition will be in 2 phases; 51% of capital by 3Q 2011 with the rest in 2016. Brenntag has also signed a number of distribution agreements in Europe. Its UK and Irish subsidiary will collaborate with Colonial Chemical for the distribution of surfactants used in the personal care product sector in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Brenntag has also renewed its partnership with Yara International for the marketing of Ad-Blue in Benelux, the UK, France, Spain and Switzerland. Ad-Blue is used to remove nitrous oxides and nitrogen from gas emissions.

Codexis reports 2Q 2011 results Codexis Inc announced introduction of the CodeXol detergent alcohol product line, and announced financial results for 2Q ended Jun 2011. For 2Q 2011, the company reported revenues of $26.1 M, an increase of 6% from $24.5 M in 2Q 2010. Research and development expenses in 2Q 2011 were $15 M, compared to $13 M for 2Q 2010. Net loss was $5 M, or $0.14/share, based on 35.7 M weighted average common shares outstanding in 2Q 2011. This compares to a net loss of $3.9 M or $0.15/share during 2Q 2010.

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COMPANY NEWS Brenntag opens distribution site in China, signs agreements in Europe

PR Newswire, 28 Jul 2011, (Website:

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Aided by volume growth, HUL net profit rises 17.62%: net sales jump 14.8% to Rup 5503.89 crores for quarter ended Jun 2011

Launch of a new division: Kemin Personal Care

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has recorded a 17.62% increase in net profit at Rup 627.18 crores on 14.8% higher net sales at Rup 5503.89 crores for 2Q 2011 (net profit of Rup 533.21 crores on net sales of Rup 4793.89 crores in 2Q 2010). During the quarter ended Jun 2011, the company derived revenues of Rup 2555.04 crores from soaps and detergents and Rup 1630.70 crores from personal care products businesses as against revenues of Rup 2264.46 crores from soaps and detergents and Rup 1365.51 crores from personal care products SEPTEMBER 2011

Kemin Industries has formed a new unit, named Kemin Personal Care, to venture into the personal care market. Kemin Personal Care is a developer of natural, plant-based functional and active ingredients for use by manufacturers of cosmetics, skin, hair and body care products. Original Source: HPC, Household and Personal Care Today, Jun 2011, (2), 53 (Website: © Teknoscienze Srl 2011

BASF to invest in dispersions plant in Durban BASF is set to invest in an acrylic dispersions plant in Durban, South Africa, to cater to the coatings and

construction industry. The plant is likely to benefit from its locality, as the raw materials required are readily available there and is anticipated that production will start by 2H 2012. BASF promises to provide ecofriendly products such as reduced volatile organic compounds and alkylphenol ethoxylate-free products. Original Source: Chemical Engineering World, Jun 2011, 46 (6), 8 (Website: © Jasubhai Group 2011

Amyris and Wilmar form joint venture US-based Amyris and Singaporean agribusiness and oleochemical company Wilmar International will create a joint venture to develop and commercialize renewable-based surfactants derived from Biofene, Amyris’ farnesene molecule, with targeted application as alternatives to nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants. Original Source: ICIS Chemical Business, 27 Jun 2011, (Website: © Reed Business Information Limited 2011

Lion president sees bigger sales in foreign markets By 2015, Lion Corp (Thailand), the manufacturer of Pao detergent under Saha Group, intends to increase the share of sales from international markets to 30% from the current 10% its total revenue. The products exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China will be increased. The Japanese market being more competitive, imported products from Thailand are required to have lower prices. Lion Corp (Thailand) is developing products for Asean demand with special emphasis on product formula, colour, and packaging design. The opening of the Baht 700 M personal-care products factory in Si Racha district, Chon Buri, will enhance exports. During 1H 2011, sales by the company increased by 8-9%. Lion Corp (Thailand) intends to launch many products in the oral-care and skin-care segments. The company’s efforts in the market are now focused on increasing its growth rate to 10%. Original Source: Bangkok Post, 16 Jul 2011, (Website: © The Post Publishing PCL 2011