Grundfos to supply pumps for Cummins

Grundfos to supply pumps for Cummins

news business IDEX Corp expands business structure Grundfos to supply pumps for Cummins IDEX Corporation has expanded the number of its of reportin...

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news business

IDEX Corp expands business structure

Grundfos to supply pumps for Cummins

IDEX Corporation has expanded the number of its of reporting segments from three to four segments, which will include fluid & metering technologies, health & science technologies, dispensing equipment and fire & safety/diversified products.

Grundfos has signed an agreement with Cummins Emission Solutions, a unit of Cummins Inc, to supply it with digital urea dosing pumps.

“The new business structure reflects a more focused market strategy across all businesses and provides a strong platform to support our future growth,” says Larry Kingsley, chairman and CEO of Idex. “Through this new structure, we will be better positioned to address emerging customer needs in industrial fluid and metering technologies, health and science instrumentation and equipment, dispensing, and fire and safety.”

Under the new structure, the fluid and metering technologies segment will consist of the following IDEX business units: Liquid Controls, Pulsafeeder, Viking, Warren Rupp and Versa-Matic; the health & science technologies segment will include Gast Manufacturing, Micropump, Rheodyne, Scivex and recentlyacquired Eastern Plastics Inc (EPI); the dispensing equipment segment will consist of FAST, Fluid Management and Lubriquip; and the fire & safety/diversified products segment will include the company’s Hale Products’ fire suppression and rescue tools businesses, as well as its BAND-IT engineered clamping business.

Developed and is produced by the company's production facility in France, the NoNOx pumps will be used in combination with catalytic exhaust products to ensure engines are compliant with Euro4 emissions regulations, which become effective 1 October 2006. The agreement between Grundfos and Cummins Emission Solutions will be effective until December 2009. The NoNOx pump injects units of urea so precise that the catalytic converter is

New demands mean industrial valve market could reach US$52 billion New requirements in LNG, ethanol, tar sands, nanotechnology, and biotechnology will boost the industrial valve market to a record US$52 billion annual sales level in 2010, predicts the most recent update of the online, Industrial Valves: World Markets, published by McIlvaine Co. Control valves will account for 25% of the total followed by ball, gates and globes, butterfly and plug types. Other valves will make up the final 18%, the report suggests.

Much of the growth in the market will be in Asia, but there are other hotspots as well, with the tar sands expansion in western Canada representing considerable potential for increased valve sales. The report says that the US will be expanding valve purchases in several areas such as biotechnology and LNG. According to the report, the US is already the leading ethanol producer with more than 100 plants in operation, and to meet

the US administration’s goals for ethanol to comprise 50% of the transportation fuels, another 1400 - 50 MMGY plants will need to be built. The movement of over one billion people from rural Asia to its cities could also boost the valve markets in water and wastewater treatment, the report suggests. Since Asia is more arid than other regions, the potential for desalination and the valves required to handle the corrosive seawater will be greater than other regions.

First CFD software application nominated as PIA finalist Blue Ridge Numerics, a CFD software company, has been named as a finalist in the Technical Innovator of the Year category of the Pump Industry Awards 2006 (see page 5 of last month’s World Pumps). The nomination is for its pump design optimisation software, CFdesign, a CFD application developed for engineers


working with Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks and other CAD systems, is the first CFD application ever to be nominated for a Pump Industry Award. The product is designed to allow companies to gain insight into the pump performance early in the design process, cutting development time and reducing

the amount of physical prototyping and testing required. The engineering information made available includes transient details of a whole machine’s response to fluid flow on any time scale, full performance curves, impeller radial loading and analysis of single blade passage and of intermeshing gear parts.

able to remove most of the NOx content from engine exhaust. The aim is to produce a reliable and durable product that reduces oxides of nitrogen from diesel exhaust. “Through careful selection, design and testing of all the components of our SCR product, we believe the combination of Cummins engines and the Cummins Emission Solutions SCR Euro4 products provide the best value for truck and bus customers by meeting the Euro4 standard without impacting fuel economy or performance,” said Mike Cross, vice president and general manager of Cummins Emission Solutions.

KSB to equip Libyan pumping stations The KSB Group has announced that it is to equip two new pumping stations in the Libyan city of Tarhunah with eight volute casing pumps each. The total discharge head of both stations will be 550 m. The two pumping stations are part of the so-called ‘Great ManMade River’ project in which the aquifers of the Sahara desert are tapped and the water is transferred to the coastal regions of Bengasi, Sirte and Tripoli. KSB’s pump casings are made of nodular cast iron and designed for an operating pressure of 40 bar. To reduce bio-digestion, the water system is being chlorinated at regular intervals and all wetted rotating components of the pumps, such as impellers and shafts, are made from highquality stainless steel. KSB says the contract was awarded because the end- user had gained good experience in other pumping stations equipped previously. Delivery is expected to be completed by the end of 2006.

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