Initial rock stresses around the Vietas headrace tunnels nos. 2 and 3, Sweden

Initial rock stresses around the Vietas headrace tunnels nos. 2 and 3, Sweden

165A 874289 Pumped storage power plant Cierny Vah Gran, J runnlg Undgr Space Tech VI. NI, 1986. P29-34 Cierny Vah, the newest storage po~er plant in C...

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165A 874289 Pumped storage power plant Cierny Vah Gran, J runnlg Undgr Space Tech VI. NI, 1986. P29-34 Cierny Vah, the newest storage po~er plant in Czechoslovakia, was put into operation in 1982 after eight years of planning and construction. The po~er plant itself is a surface building, but is connected with the upper reservoir through three underground pressure penstocks. Each penstock consists of a 45 deg shaft, excavated by the Alimak method, and a lower horizontal tunnel. Both are steel lined, with a 3.8m diameter.

874290 Initial rock stresses around the Vietas headrace tunnels nos. 2 and 3, Sweden Martna. J: Hansen, L Proc International Symposium on Rock Stress and Rock Stress AIeasurement, Stockholm, 1-3 Sept 1986 P605-613. Publ Lulea: Cent&, 1986 The headrace tunnels 2 and 3 at the Vietas Hydropower Station, Lapland, Sweden, penetrate the Swedish Caledonides, sedimentary Cambrian rocks, as well as the Precambrian basement. In the tunnels 134 rock stress measurements were carried out. Rock burst and high horizontal stresses perpendicular to the tunnel have been common in the downstream part. Due to the large number of measurements, observation of rock burst and a detailed geological mapping, a good picture of the stress levels in and between the tunnels has been obtained and is described.

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874291 Design of ore pass systems for underground mines Hambley, D F CLgI Bull VSO. N897, Jan 1987. P25-30 In designing ore passes for underground mines, specific consideration should be given to unimpaired flow of broken rock, the dump point, and typical practices for overcoming operational difficulties. Design features such as branches, bends, and knuckles should also be considered. Engineering information and various criteria for designing ore passes, draw points, feeders, and support systems, together with several illustrative examples are given. Auth.

874292 Automation, process control and computer-based operations monitoring underground Pfannenstiel. P K German 31in V4, 1986, P155-160 State and development trends are described for remote control and computer-based operations, monitoring for coalfaces, road headings, and infrastructure, and for safety monitoring and planning of mining operations in the Federal Republic of German,~. ,

874293 Heading by blasting using multishell casing in main and gate roads Kuschel, K H German 31in I"4, 1986, P166-174 Due to the danger of gas-coal outbursts, selective cutting machines cannot be used at the Ibburburen Mine, Germany, at present. The very hard surrounding rock means rapid drivage of development roads must be accomplished by drill and blast operations. An example ~ith drivage rates of 9m/d being achieved is described. 874294 Noteworthy shaft sinking activities of British Coal (In German and English) Klein, J Gluckauf Vl23, N2, 22 Jan I987, P73-76(german), P3941 (english j Brief descriptions are given of three projects currently under construction. Twin concrete lined, 7.32m inside diameter shafts are being sunk at Ashfordby, using the ground freezing technique to overcome difficulties due to a variegated waterbearing sandstone layer. An 8m inside diameter concrete lined shaft is being excavated by' drill and blast at Maltby, and the first ever drilled shaft on coal at Betws is under construction. 874295 EDP in shaft construction (In German and English) Beckmann, D; Garter, D; Klein. J Gluckauf V123, N3, 5 Feb 1987. P132-141(german), P5458 (english / Electronic data processing (EDP) allo~s the extensive computations required for design of shaft linings to be carried out quickly and efficiently. The finite element code PSAPC (plane stress-strain-axisymmetric program code) is introduced. Examples presented are analysis of stresses and deformations of a freezing wall, design of a tubbing liner ~ith particular reference to safety against buckling, optimisation of a sliding shaft lining, and shaft lining stability analysis. 874296 Opening up hard coal deposits in developing countries (In German and English) Stolte, G Gluckauf V123, N4, 19 Feb 1987, P191-196;german). P8185 (english j Mining projects are examined considering exploration, development and layout, suitable size and its effects on parameters such as safety, suitable technology, and economic and environmental aspects. The technical, economic, and social yardsticks applying in developing countries are taken into account.

874297 Strata control when sinking freeze shafts with sliding shaft lining (In German) Lutgendorf, O L Gluekauf-forsehungsh V48. NI, Feb 1987. P5-12 Sinking a freeze shaft leads to deformations and stress changes - in the frozen strata, the surrounding unfrozen strata, and the shaft lining. The bearing capacity of the outer lining and of the frozen strata support the shaft until the inner lining is installed and backfilled with asphalt. It is difficult to follow strata behaviour during freezing and sinking. Observation of wall movement is the customary method of monitoring safety. The structure is assumed sate when deformation has ceased.

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