President Jenkins Addresses N.W.D.A. Convention

President Jenkins Addresses N.W.D.A. Convention

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION President Jenkins Addresses N.W.B.A. Annoal ~onvention DDRESSING the closing session of the 75th A...

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President Jenkins Addresses N.W.B.A. Annoal ~onvention DDRESSING the closing session of the 75th A annual convention of the National Wholesale Druggists Association, Dr. Glenn L. Jenkins, president of the AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL AssoCIATION and dean of the School of Pharmacy, Purdue University, warned that an immediate survey should be conducted and a plan for utilizing pharmacy's manpower placed in effect to secure the maximum benefit of the well-trained graduates coming into the profession in the coming years. President Jenkins told the N.W.D.A. members, who met in Atlantic City from October 8 to 13, that "we are going to have more fine young men than we ever had in history coming out of our schools each year, and if we don't find some way to utilize them, now that we have gotten them, there is going to be chaos in the whole of pharmacy. We had better get together and survey our manpower needs, plan how many men we need in the profession, how many in the industry," he said. President Jenkins praised the wholesale druggists for their aid in drugstore modernization and their contributions to pharmaceutical education through the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education. Other phases of his speech included brief references to the A. PH. A..'s Mission to Japan; the importance of the pharmacist's role in civilian defense as a member of the health professions; and the desirability of making greater use of the AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION in dealing with over-all professional problems of pharmacy. ' He also called attention to the A. PH. A. 's constructive statement in opposition to compulsory national health insurance. Dr. Jenkins decried the trend toward the Federal control of pharmacy, stating that pharmacy has lost much of its professional freedom due to the shift from local to national control. He stated, "There is no profession so controlled at the national level as pharmacy. It is not true of medicine or law, but let a pharmacist step the least bit over the line and the Department of Justice steps in." Another highlight of the N.W.D.A. convention program was a report on a study made by the A. C. Nielsen Co. of Chicago, in which it pointed out that 76% of the nation's pharmacists overbuy, especially in purchasing small package sizes. Among the other speakers addressing the convention were J. D. Crump, president of the N.W.D.A.; Governor Alfred M. Driscoll of New Jersey; U. S. Senator Harry F. Byrd of Virginia; Col. Gilbert I. Ross, Ross & Co.; Dillard Bird, The Society for the Advancement of Management; Orin E. Burley, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce; Herman C. Nolen, McKesson & Robbins, Inc.; Walter N. Kuntz, Southwestern Drug Corp.; and others. Resolutions passed by the N.W.D.A. included a re-endorsement of the basic principles of State fair

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trade acts and the Miller-Tydings Act, an endorsement of the work of the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, an endorsement of an expanded program for the extension of medical caTe through voluntary health plans, and an endorsement of the activities of th~ Citizens Committee for the Reorganization of the Executive Branch of the Government as outlined in the Hoover Report. Officers of the N.W.D.A. elected for the 1949-50 term are: Robert Morrisson, Portland, Me., president; H. C. Nolen, New York City, first vicepresident; C. F. G. Meyer III, St. Louis, Mo., second vice-president; Wm. F. Nichols, San Francisco, Calif., third vice-president; Ben Exley, Jr., Wheeling, W. Va., fourth vice-president; Frank L. Capers, Miami, Fla., fifth vice-president.

OPEN CONFERENCE ON NATIONAL FORMULARY IX LAUDS PROGRESS AN open conference on the general contents and individual monographs of the National Formulary IX, which is now in course of preparation, was held at the Hotel Statler in Washington, D. C., Saturday, October 8, 1949. This meeting was arranged by the AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, publishers of the National Formulary, to give anyone interested an opportunity to make specific suggestions for possible changes in the proposed monographs on drugs which are to appear in N.F. IX, prior to their final approval by the N.F. Committee. The open conference was held in conjunction with the meeting of the Committee on National Formulary and was attended by between 40 and 50 representatives of all phases of the practice of pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry, schools of pharmacy, and related groups. Dr. Justin L. Powers, Chairman of the A. PH. A. Committee on National Formulary, presided and the following members of the Committee and A. PH. A. staff attended: E. A. Brecht, R. A. Deno, J. B. Fullerton, M. W. Green, H. B. Haag, G. M. Hocking, W. A. Purdum, H. H. Schaefer, and Albert M. Mattocks. Dr. George D. Beal, Chairman of the Council of the A. PH. A., and Dr. Robert P. Fischelis, Secretary of the AssoCIATION, also were in attendance throughout the meeting. A number of suggestions dealing with specifications in N. F. IX monographs were offered by those in attendance. These included recommendations with respect to the monographs on histidine monohydrochloride, liver preparations for oral administration, magnesium hydroxide, morphine and atropine sulfate tablets, parenteral solutions containing iodides, quinine salts and their preparations, rutin, sodium indigotindisulfonate (indigo carmine), strychnine salts and their preparations, and others. General considerations relating to tolerances in estimating the purity of drugs, disintegration . tests