Skim milk prosecution

Skim milk prosecution

238 ANNOTATIONS. ing from digital examination, and douching, after the birth of the child. I remember that Dr. Macan, who was Master of the Rotunda ...

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ing from digital examination, and douching, after the birth of the child. I remember that Dr. Macan, who was Master of the Rotunda in my time, used to teach us that no septic poisoning could take place unless the inlection were introduced by the passing of either the finger or an instrument, such as the douche nozzle. Infection may, of course, in rare cases, take place before the child is born, but usually it does so in the lacerations due to the passage of the child. I feel convinced that if midwives and nurses, whether well or ill trained, would give up douching after confinement, the mortality from this disease would be considerably diminished. At the same time the work of improving the sanitary conditions of the homes of the poor must go on with undiminished energy.



The handbill referred to in the case of Kensington Vestry v. Belgravia Dairy Company (vide " L A W R E P O R T S " ) , on which the Company appeared to rely, has been forwarded to us. The material parts are as follows :-A PUBLIC BOON. The proprietors of the H A V A N T D A I R Y F A C T O R Y have arranged to supply residents in poorer districts with a really W H O L E S O M E amf thoroughly safe.guarded R I C H (partially) skimmed P A S T E U R I Z E D C H E A P M I L K , N O T deprived of A L L the Cream, at 2]d. per quart delivered, and at 2d. per quart if fetched from their H A V A N T DAIRY FACTORY DEPOTS ..... P A S T E U R I Z E D C H E A P M I L K is more suitable than a ~ ordinary chea~ Milk for Children and Invalids. The disease-producing organisms are destroyed. This Pasteurized Milk is not only a C H E A P E R , safer, and more dzgestible Milk than any other class or cheap milk, but is, if anything, more W H O L E S O M E and equally P A L A T A B L E , whilst it is very superior for Hotel, Restaurant, and Kitchen purposes. A TRIAL AND PUBLIC SJPPO.~r is (sic)

SOLICITED. It is to be noted that the above eulogy relates to a milk deprived, as found on analysis by the Public Analyst to the Vestry of Kensirigton, of from 93 to 94 per cent. of its cream. We are informed that since the case was heard, when notice of appeal was given by the defendants, the costs and fine have been paid. Comment appears to be unnecessary. THE Sanitary Institute announce that their Congress will be held this year at Leeds in September.

ANNOTATIONS. WE learn that Dr. Thursfield has been appointed Medical Officer of Health for the Couuty ofS hropshire, at a salary of ,~75 o, to include travelli~g but not office expenses. It is to be hoped that fl~e local authorities in the County will combine to appoint a medical officer of health to take charge of the combined area. DR. H~RVEY LITTLEJOHN, Medical Officer of Health for the County Borough of Sheffield, has been appointed Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence and Public Health, at the School of Medicine, Surgeon's Hail, Edinburgh, in the place of Sir Henry Littlejohn, appointed Professor at the University of Edinburgh. WE thought that the treatment accorded to an Englishman landing at Trieste, on arrival from. Bombay, was the reductio ad absurdum of quarantine. This unfortunate voyager was fumigated on landing, sealed up in a railway-carriage, and despatched to the Swiss frontier. There he endeavoured to continue his journey to England, but was returned, again in a sealed carriage, to Milan. Here he was, after a solemn' conclave of medical authorities, freed from durance, and allowed to make his way to this country. The ship appears to have had a clean bill of health, and must have been at least fourteen days out from Bombay. The French, however, according to the Standard, have gone one better, and dealt with through passengers from London to India, as if they were infected with the plague. A little more attention to home sanitation would enable the authorities to allow travellers to go on their travels in peace. IN the course of the discussion on Mr. Noel Humphrey's Paper, ~ " English Vaccination and Small-pox Statistics," a very extraordinary allegation was made by a speaker, who, we were credibly informed, is numbered among the opponents of vaccination, to the effect that nurses in the service of the Metropolitan Asylums Board for duty in small.pox hospitals, who contract smallpox, they are admitted to the hospital as "patients," and are not recorded as cases of the disease among the staff. The speaker was denouncing the whole of the statistics put forward by pro-vaccinists as utterly untrustworthy, and put in this statement to show that the statistics relating to the occurrence of small-pox among the staff of the small-pox hospital were, not to put too fine point to it, "fudged." Needless to say that a denial was given to the allegation by a member of the Asylums Board present at the meeting. * February Meeting of the Royal Statistical Society.