The Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Podcast available online at New Resources for Nutrition Educators CURRICULA numbers [1.] and [3.] rather than bullet points). The proj...

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Podcast available online at

New Resources for Nutrition Educators


numbers [1.] and [3.] rather than bullet points). The project would have benefited from a food photographer; in slide 22, for example, the orange slices look dry and unappealing, the ‘‘yogurt with fresh fruit’’ appears to be swimming in strawberry jam and dried pear slices, and the white cheese disappears on the white plate. Despite these visual oddities, the overall messages imparted by this PowerPoint and accompanying handouts are accurate and appealing. If you plan to give a presentation to the general public about practical ways to apply the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, this resource will save you time. Perhaps if more Society members gave this—or similar—presentations to the public, we would actually begin to see the desired shift happen!

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 2015. Nutrition Education Store, Food and Health Communications, 164 Robles Way, #290, Vallejo, CA 94591. Curriculum (includes PowerPoint and handouts), $49. This comprehensive show comes with over 50 slides that are based on photographs that beautifully illustrate and sell key health messages to your audience. The presentation also comes with PDF handouts that are ready to help everyone understand key messages.—Nutrition Education Store Some would say this PowerPoint– handout set is a great way to help people get their shift together! This colorful resource provides a plethora of examples of how people can shift away from unhealthy foods (added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium) and toward healthier foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat/nonfat dairy, seafood, and legumes). The presentation emphasizes the link between eating patterns and chronic diseases, and stresses the importance of following a healthy eating pattern across the lifespan. The presentation ends with 3 key points (ie, nutritional needs should be met mostly through food; shift from less healthy food to food that is more nutrient-dense; and context has a role in choices) and a reminder about what foods we should increase and what foods we should limit.

Slide notes are provided for ease of use. Accompanying the PowerPoint are 5 handouts: Nutrient Needs, Eating Patterns, Limit Some Foods, Shift to Health, and Support Health (The Roles of Sectors and Settings). These 1-paged, 1-sided handouts succinctly summarize key points associated with the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Overall, the presentation and materials are colorful, clear, and simple and the content is accurate and practical. The tiny editorial errors found within 2 of the slides can easily be edited (ie, slides 3 and 4 have repeated

Carol A. Friesen, PhD, RDN, CD, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, AT 206, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306

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