Tramaco launches new foaming agent for plastisols

Tramaco launches new foaming agent for plastisols

MATERIALS ...Continued from front page ‘Although we have already developed a significant business in India and the region, we are demonstrating our c...

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...Continued from front page ‘Although we have already developed a significant business in India and the region, we are demonstrating our commitment to support continuous growth with a strong Songwon presence’, comments Nilesh Metha, the general manager of the new Indian operation. Songwon International – India has invested in key resources in sales, customer service and logistics in order to provide ‘the best service and support’ and has also established its own local warehouse, allowing it to establish ‘a very efficient and reliable supply chain’, he says. ‘With our people now based in the region, our ability to understand and respond to customers’ requirements will be greatly enhanced’, Metha believes. Songwon has also recently expanded the capacity of its isobutylene plant in Maeam, South Korea, to 40 000 tonnes/year. The facility, which uses proprietary t-butanol cracking technology, started production last year [ADPO, September 2009] with a capacity of 30 000 tonnes/year. Isobutylene is an important raw material for the manufacture of the company’s antioxidant range. Contact: Songwon Industrial Co, Ltd, Ulsan, Korea. Tel: +82 522 739 841, Web:

MATERIALS Tramaco launches new foaming agent for plastisols


erman company Tramaco GmbH, a member of the Rowa Group, has launched Unicell D 200 LK, a new azodicarbonamide grade specifically developed for plastisol processing. According to the firm, the new grade is ideal for use in the production of wall coverings and flooring. The fine particle size and special surface treatment of Unicell D 200 LK provide a combination of high reactivity and optimum dispersion properties, Tramaco says. This ensures fast decomposition of the azodicarbonamide agent and a high whiteness in the final product, it reports. In addition, the small particle size yields a very fine cell structure in the end product. The company comments that the new development enlarges its portfolio of foaming agents and ‘keeps the


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focus firmly on azodicarbonamides’ as an integral part of its long-term core business. Contact: Tramaco GmbH, Siemensstrasse 1–3, D-25421 Pinneberg, Germany. Tel: +49 4101 706 02, Fax: +49 4101 706 200, Email: [email protected], Web:

Ampacet rolls out reducedbloom UV absorber masterbatch for polyolefin film packages


asterbatch specialist Ampacet Corp has introduced an ultraviolet-light absorber (UVA) product for thin-gauge polyolefin film applications, which is designed to improve the protection of the packaged contents from UV light damage. The firm says its new masterbatch offers reduced additive migration problems compared to conventional UVA systems. UV light affects packaged food and other light-sensitive products, potentially causing discoloration, offtaste, odour, diminished nutritional value, or decreased product performance. Traditional rigid, corrugated and pigmented packaging shielded products from UV light, but the growing use of clear, flexible packaging exposes products to UV light. UV absorbers are therefore needed to protect the contents of clear packaging from UV damage, preserving brand image and improving sustainability by increasing product shelf-life, Ampacet explains. The company’s new UVA masterbatch contains a UV absorber system that screens a broad range of UV light wavelengths, from 280 nm to 380 nm. The new UVA is more efficient than conventional UVAs, and so can be used at lower loadings and in thinner film gauges, Ampacet claims. The new masterbatch also blooms less than conventional UVAs, creating stronger seals, better print and lamination adhesion, it reports. In addition, the UVA mitigates plate-out on processing equipment and reduces the occurrence of white residue on packages. Its reduced migration results in longerlasting UV protection, according to Ampacet. The UVA masterbatch is composed of ingredients approved by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safe use in olefin polymers and copolymers complying with 177.1520 (c), the company says. The polyethylene base resin in the product also meets the FDA

July 2010