Air Products for India's first green hydrogen site

Air Products for India's first green hydrogen site

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ISSN 1464-2859 June October 20152010

Air Products for India’s first green hydrogen site


ndia has inaugurated its first solarpowered hydrogen fueling station, featuring a SmartFuel® station supplied by Air Products. The station, located at the Solar Energy Centre near Delhi, generates 100% ‘green’ hydrogen from solar energy via an electrolyser. The station is part of a public transport bus fueling and vehicle demonstration programme, managed by the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE). The project implementation is being executed by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), and is entirely funded by the ministry of new and renewable energy. ‘This project is an important, progressive step towards unlocking the potential of hydrogen as sustainable transportation fuel and alternative energy source, not just for India but the rest of the world,’ says Ravi Subramanian, Asia business development manager for hydrogen energy systems at Air Products. Air Products now has three hydrogen stations operating in India. In 2012 Air Products India

commissioned a hydrogen dispenser in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi to serve a fleet of hydrogenpowered auto rickshaws [FCB, December 2012, p7]. These three-wheeled, hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles transport visitors at the Pragati Maidan exhibition site. Air Products was also a key player in the earlier opening of India’s first fueling station offering hydrogen and HCNG (a hydrogen/compressed natural gas blend), at an R&D centre in Faridabad, south of New Delhi. Air Products has formed alliances in Japan with Suzuki Shokan to serve the materials handling market [FCB, March 2015, p7] and with Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipeline & Engineering to serve automotive customers [FCB, March 2014, p8]. Other recent installations include the UK’s first supermarket hosted hydrogen station [FCB, April 2015, p10], and a hydrogen station sold to Hyundai Motor Company Australia [FCB, January 2015, p6]. Air Products, Hydrogen Energy:

Kalibrate hydrogen infrastructure planning data


n the US, Kalibrate has released the results of its California hydrogen refueling infrastructure analysis to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Because the availability and proper placement of retail hydrogen fueling outlets is critical to successful consumer adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles, Kalibrate was asked to employ its fueling network planning expertise to identify the best locations for establishing a network of stations [FCB, April 2014, p8]. More than 30 000 locations were identified in California, and ranked on their viability for introducing a hydrogen refueling station. Kalibrate collaborated with NREL hydrogen experts to identify the key drivers for ranking the locations. Initially, 22 variables were

identified, which through statistical analysis were reduced to the 11 most important. At the top of this list were the number of households with annual income above $100 000, the number of existing fuel stations within the trade area, and the projected number of FCEV purchases. The existing fuel stations are important to infrastructure development, as they offer a more economical means to introduce hydrogen refueling than a standalone, ground-up facility. As of April, there were 11 hydrogen refueling stations in California, with plans under way for 38 more stations [FCB, June 2014, p6]. Kalibrate’s study recommends the best locations to fill in the gaps not covered by the existing and planned station network. Kalibrate Technologies: NREL, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research:

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