Air Products launches molecular defoamer and wetting agent Surfynol 107L

Air Products launches molecular defoamer and wetting agent Surfynol 107L

FOCUS and Rasal in Maharashtra, India, on 1 Oct 2015. The expansion adds a new unit at Roha for the production of multipurpose surfactants for agro, c...

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FOCUS and Rasal in Maharashtra, India, on 1 Oct 2015. The expansion adds a new unit at Roha for the production of multipurpose surfactants for agro, coatings, home and personal care, and other applications. Production capacity has also been increased at Novecare's Rasal plant, which manufactures alkoxylates and other speciality products. Original Source: Chemical Weekly, 20 Oct 2015, 144 (Website: http://www. © Sevak Publications & Chemical Weekly Database P Ltd 2015

European Carbosurf project launched The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (a €3.7 bn public-private partnership between the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium) recently announced the launch of the Carbosurf project. This project has a €6 M budget (€2.7 M of which is funded by the EU). The aim is to develop fermentative production processes to make biosourced surfactants and speciality carbohydrates. Specifically, it will target different glycolipid biosurfactants with a wide range of applications as well as speciality carbohydrates such as the oligosaccharide complexes in human milk for use in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. The 3-year project brings together 11 partners from 4 European countries. Research and technology organizations - Ghent University (Belgium), VITO (Belgium) and Fraunhofer IGB (Germany) - will address the project's research challenges, while the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Belgium) will be used to improve and scale up the new processes. Biotechnology SMEs CIMV (France), IMD Natural Solutions (Germany), Inbiose (Belgium) and Carbosynth (UK), as well as major companies Croda (UK), Evonik (Germany) and EOC (Belgium), will provide product concepts and guidance for commercialization. Original Source: Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 28 Sep 2015, (732), (Website: http://www. (in French) © ETAI Information 2015

Air Products launches molecular defoamer and wetting agent Surfynol 107L Air Products' Materials Technologies segment introduced Surfynol 107L, the latest addition to its innovative portfolio December 2015



of molecular defoamers and dynamic wetting agents, at the Associacao Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Tintas (ABRAFATI 2015) in Sao Paulo, Brazil in Oct 2015. Surfynol 107L surfactant is a liquid, nonionic wetting agent and molecular defoamer based on proprietary high-performance gemini chemistry. The new product contains no added alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), silicones or fluorosurfactants, and is suitable for low- and zero-VOC formulations. This unique chemistry offers a range of surface active performance benefits, is non-foaming, and will disrupt the foam stabilization properties of other formulation components, providing defect-free defoaming and de-aerating benefits. The new product is targeted at lowVOC coating, ink and adhesive applications. Original Source: Air Products, 2015. Found on SpecialChem Adhesives and Sealants Formulation, 13 Oct 2015, (Website: http://

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS Builders Rivertop Renewables begins commercial production of Riose detergent builder Rivertop Renewables, a Montana-based novel chemicals company, has launched its Riose detergent builder, a cost-effective, performance-based, sustainable builder solution designed for the consumer segment of the automatic dishwashing detergent market [see also 'Focus on Surfactants', Jan 2010]. The company has begun commercial production for delivery to customers in the consumer products industry. Riose builder, based on glucarate, is derived from natural sugars, is non-toxic and biodegradable. According to the company, it is an effective detergent builder and enables a lower total cost of formulation. Its sequestering action prevents the re-deposition of hard water ions on glassware in the form of spots or film. In addition, the builder provides corrosion prevention without the use of silicate in automatic dishwashing detergent formulations, Rivertop reports. Under normal washing conditions, consumer cookware and utensils can be

highly susceptible to corrosion. Salts and peroxide found in current automatic dishwashing formulations can intensify corrosion of metal during the wash cycle. Riose minimizes the corrosive effects of detergents on steel, aluminium and glass, the company says. By combining chelation, corrosion prevention and alkalinity, Riose offers multi-functionality for current detergent formulations. Extensive performance testing at Rivertop's dishwasher lab, one of the largest in the USA, has demonstrated that Riose detergent builder delivers twice the calcium binding capacity of generic citrates and an equivalent capacity to phosphate and synthetic builders while also preventing corrosion on metals and glass. Rivertop's patented production process is highly cost-effective, enabling the company to produce and sell Riose at a cost that is competitive with other, less effective or less sustainable solutions, it says. The company is currently producing Riose for customers at commercial scale in a plant operated by DanChem Technologies Inc (DTI) in Danville, VA, USA. The DTI plant also produces Rivertop's glucarate-based Waterline corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents for the water treatment industry. Rivertop and DTI collaborated to engineer and outfit the Danville facility with Rivertop's proprietary oxidation process technology. With successful commissioning and initial production milestones already reached, Rivertop and DTI are focused on achieving production at nameplate capacity of 10 M lbs/y (4536 tonnes/y). Original Source: Rivertop Renewables, 2015. Found on Marketwired, 6&7 Oct 2015, (Website:

Other FutureFuel extends Procter & Gamble NOBS contract FutureFuel has extended its nonanoyloxybenzenesulfonate (NOBS) contract to Procter & Gamble through 2018. FutureFuel notes that the new contract will commit lower volumes of bleach activator NOBS and adjust its pricing. FutureFuel's NOBS sales amounted to $44 M in 2014, nearly 15% of the company's total sales. Original Source: Chemical and Engineering News, 12 Oct 2015, 93 (40), 20 (Website: © American Chemical Society 2015