Call for Annual Meeting Abstracts

Call for Annual Meeting Abstracts

SOCIETY NUTRITION FOR EDUCATION MONTREAL THIRTEENTH ANNUAL MEETING, JULY 6-9 You are invited to present your nutrition education research, evalu...

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You are invited to present your nutrition education research, evaluations, teaching tools, techniques, programs, and activities. Presentations will follow three formatsORAL




Governing Submissions for Oral, Poster, or Audiovisual Presentations

One author or sponsor must be a member in good standing of the Society for Nutrition Education.

8 Oral and poster presentations, in their entirety, must not have been presented or published previously.

2 No author or sponsor may submit more than two abstracts regardless of presentation format.

9 Authors or sponsors of accepted presentations will be expected to pay personal expenses related to the annual meeting.

3 The presentation content must be related to nutrition education in one of the above sessions.

10 If the author or sponsor originally designated is unable to present, it is that person's responsibility to provide a substitute.

4 Abstracts must be prepared in the manner specifIed and on the form provided on the reverse. (Extra forms are available upon request.)


5 Audiovisual presentation abstracts must be accompanied by the material to be presented. This material will be returned with notifIcation of presentation status. 6 Abstracts must be postmarked no later than March 24, 1980. 7 Abstracts will be screened by an appointed committee on the basis of quality and relevance. The committee retains the right to select presentations for each of the designated sessions.

The Journal oj Nutrition Education has fIrSt publication right on oral and poster presentations. If the author wishes to submit a presentation for publication elsewhere, a release must be obtained from the JNE Editor. A release for publication prior to presentation will not be granted.

12 Authors or sponsors will be notifIed of acceptance or rejection of presentations by May 12, 1980. Forms for equipment required will be included with acceptances. 13 A limited number of presentations in French will be accepted.


1980 ABSTRACT FORM~ Society for Nutrition Education Your abstract, if accepted, will be reproduced directly from the CQPY you prepare in the block below. For good results, you will need to follow these instructions. 6 For audiovisual presentations, and for others as applicable, list the source or production credit, format and length, cost and availability.

Use an elite type (12 spaces per inch) on an electric typewriter with new black ribbon. 2 Correct typing errors with opaque liquid, and use this substance to cover smudges as well.

7 A period should note the end of the information listing. Begin the presentation description by indenting three spaces. Type this material as a solid paragraph using complete sentences and standard punctuation.

3 Type all copy single spaced, staying within the border printed.

4 Begin with the title in all capital letters followed by a comma. For an audiovisual presentation, include date of production. 5 Continue with name(s) and address(es) of authors or sponsors. Place an asterisk (*) before name(s) of SNE member(s). Underline the name of the person making the presentation.



8 Mail this entire form, with two copies, unfolded and protected by cardboard, to: Abstracts, Society for Nutrition Education, 2140 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 1110, Berkeley, CA 94704. (Extra forms are available at the same address.)

9 Abstracts must be postmarked no later than March 24, 1980. Abstract Form


Thirteenth Annual Meeting Montreal, July 6-9, 1980



Agreement Check one oj the three boxes below.

The preferred form of presentation for the abstract is o ORAL SESSION (10 minutes for delivery; 5 minutes for discussion) o POSTER SESSION (Material to fit 4' X 8' tack board; presenter to be available for questions during a designated period) o AUDIOVISUAL SESSION (10 minutes for presentation of edited version of material; 5 minutes for discussion)

Check one oj the seven boxes below.

It was developed for use in an academic setting:

o o o o

PRESCHOOL SCHOOL AGE UNDERGRADUATE & GRADUATE OTHER: INSERVICE, WORKSHOPS in an extracurricular setting: o MASS MEDIA o CLINICAL o COMMUNITY: FAMILY, DAY CARE Language of presentation: o FRENCH o ENGLISH I have read and agree to abide by the rules governing submissions and have followed the procedures for abstract preparation. Date SNE Member Signature Please Print SNE Member Name Please Print Mailing Address

Sample Heading and Beginning of Abstract

THE IMPACT OF URBANIZATION ON FOOD HABITS IN PUERTO RICO, Susan Black, Graduate Student, and Diva Sanjur,* Assoc. Prof., Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853.

SpeCial nutritional problems face low-income