Cancer nursing textbook

Cancer nursing textbook

Cancer nursing textbook A textbook on advanced practice in cancer nursing will be published in mid t998 under the editorship of Nora Jodrell, Alison R...

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Cancer nursing textbook A textbook on advanced practice in cancer nursing will be published in mid t998 under the editorship of Nora Jodrell, Alison Richardson and Paola di Guilio. Contributions to the book will come from EONS members. The book aims to provide a detailed research-based resource from which nurses can develop their understanding of the factors which affect the delivery of cancer nursing in Europe. It will address both professional and political issues, and will offer an authentic European perspective.

EONS Spring Convention The 1st Spring Convention will take place in Leuven, Belgium from 17-18 April 1998. This conference will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation provided into French and German. The languages into which the conference is translated will vary depending on the site of the convention. The general theme of the 1st Convention is 'Practising for the future - the role of oncology nurses'. The conference will include keynote lectures by invited experts, selected submitted papers and interactive sessions. For further information, please contact: 1 EONS Spring Convention, c/o FECS Conference Unit, Avenue E. Mounier 83, B-1200 Brussels. Tel: +32 2 7750201; Fax: +32 2 7750200.

Oncology Nurses Today In October 1996, Oncology Nurses Today, the official newsletter of EONS, was launched with financial support provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). The launch of the newsletter was a milestone for EONS as it represented the first vehicle for the regular dissemination of information on EONS activities. Further, it presented an opportunity for cancer nurses to exchange information and viewpoints concerning their practice. The newsletter is available in nine languages and is distributed via the BMS affiliates in each country. Under the editorship of Birthe Hoj, the newsletter has been extremely well received and has established itself as a forum for networking among European cancer nurses.

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Collaborative activities IThe Society interfaces in the form of collaboration with a number of other organizations throughout Europe and the world. Most notably, EONS is a full member of the Federation of European Cancer Societies (FECS) and, as such, is eligible to nominate an individual to the Board of Directors of FECS. EONS members serve on various committees of FECS including the Bye-Laws, Continuing Medical Education, and Membership Committees. A proposal has been submitted by Kathy Redmond on behalf of EONS and in collaboration with the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) and the Paediatric Oncology Nursing Society (PONS) to update and revise the core curriculum on a Post-Basic Course in Cancer

Nursing. The core curriculum was first produced in 1991. An agreement has been formalized between EONS and the European School of Oncology (ESO) in which EONS will recommend nurse speakers for relevant ESO advanced courses and training programmes planned for 1998. The two organizations worked jointly to produce an educational programme and monograph entitled 'Cancer in the Elderly: a nursing and medical perspective' which was launched at ECCO-9. EONS and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) have agreed to collaborate on educational initiatives in Central Eastern Europe. Nora Jodrell represents EONS on this project.