Clinical anesthesia, 3rd edition

Clinical anesthesia, 3rd edition

subspecialty rotations. Features: Numerous ultrasound images are used to demonstrate basic principles and techniques. Unfortunately, these images are ...

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subspecialty rotations. Features: Numerous ultrasound images are used to demonstrate basic principles and techniques. Unfortunately, these images are often dicult to interpret despite clear and concise explanatory text. This shortcoming may reflect the inherent resolution problems of current ultrasound technology and the dynamic nature of imaging more than the quality of the chosen images. The use of more illustrations to clarify the images

would be very helpful. Assessment: This book will prove to be an invaluable introductory text for the practicing general surgeon or resident wishing to learn the basic techniques and potential of ultrasound imaging. The text demystities ultrasound for the neophyte and stimulates further study, thereby advancing this national trend. Reviewer: Kevin P. Bethke, MD, Northwestern University Medical School

Clinical Anesthesia, 3rd Edition Editors: Paul G. Barash, MD, Yale-New Haven Hospital; Bruce F. Cullen, MD, University of Washington; Robert K. Stoelting, MD, Indiana University Lippincott-Raven Publishers, 1997, $139 Bibliographic Data: ISBN: 0397514824. NLM: WO 245 C641. LCCN: 96-l 0273. LC: RD81 .C58. Country of origin: United States. Textbook, 57 chapters, 1483 pages, 82 contributors, 8.5- x 11 -inch trim size, hard cover Descriptive Notes: The book contains black and white illustrations. The contributors represent the specialties of anesthesiology, pediatrics, pharmacology, obstetrics and gynecology, critical care, and biochemistry. Most are from academic hospitals and universities in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, and Germany. Institutions prominently represented include Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Alabama, SUNY-Brooklyn, University of Washington, Emory, University of Virginia, University of British Columbia, Wayne State University, UCSD, NYU, Wake Forest, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Indiana University, University of Chicago, University of Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Northwestern, Mayo Medical School, University of Manitoba, Rush Medical College, University of Missouri, University of Arizona, and University of Utah.

Reviewer’s Expert Opinion Description: This is the third edition of a multiauthored book, last published in 1989, that covers the entire specialty of anes thesiology. A total of 100 authors contributed, and approximately 30%of the chapters are new. Purpose: The book’s purpose is to provide residents and expe rienced practitioners with a contemporary textbook of anesthe siology that emphasizes rapid acquisition of information pertinent to patient care. By and large, these objectives are met. Audience: The target audience is stated to be both residents and experienced practitioners. However, the most likely readers of this book probably will be anesthesia residents. All the authors are recognized experts in their various subspecialty


areas of anesthesiology. Features: The quality and number of illustrations are adequate. The references are uptodate. The table of contents and index are adequate. The overall appearance of the book is adequate. Assessment: This book will prove most useful to anesthesia residents studying for their board examinations because it pro vides an abbreviated overview of the entire specialty. Since the previous edition was published in 1989, many changes have occurred in the specialty, necessitating this update. I highly recommend it to anesthesia residents and departmental libraries. Reviewer: Rom A. Stevens, MD, Loyola University Medical Center




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