Cutaneous surgical anatomy of the head and neck

Cutaneous surgical anatomy of the head and neck

Book reviews A Handbook for Dental Hygienists. T. F. Walsh. 1992. 3rd Ed. Wright. ISBN O-7236-0980-2. terms of the names of branches and the struc...

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Book reviews A Handbook

for Dental


T. F. Walsh. 1992. 3rd Ed. Wright. ISBN O-7236-0980-2.

terms of the names of branches and the structures supplied and littlc by way of the course taken within or relation to surrounding tissues. The same may be said of deszriptions of blood supply and the fifth cramal nerve. Clinical consideratlons are general and not related to dctailcd surgical procedures. The diagrams used include two colour plates which are rcasonahlc. the rest are black and white lme drawings. These usually simply illustrate the aspect under consideration in a styhscd manner \vith no rcfcrcncc to other structures. Overall the book does not live up to its claim 111the prcfacc of ‘providing an authorativc approach’ and can only be rccommcndcd as a quick superficial rcfrcshcr of cutaneous anatomy of the head and neck. More dctailcd and useful dcscrlptions WIII bc found in the standard undcrgraduatc anatomy texts. I. HOLLAND Medical Student Ncwcastlc-upon-Tync Medical School

By W. J. N. Collins & Bristol. pp. 335. x19.95.

This is an update of the second edition. The text is still very organised. in a logical order with clear hcadinps. The book is divided into ?I chapters with a few new chapter headings. There are diagrams and black and white photographs throughout the book. The chapters ‘Histology’ and ‘Physiology’ are now together as one chapter. Microbiology. cross infection and immunity are stressed more. along with the control of infection. Instruments and methods of disinfcclion are highlighted. giving guidelines on personal protcction for the hygienist. The chapter also gives good advice on high risk patients and human immunodcficicncy viruses relating to their trcatmcnt. The chapter ‘Patients requiring special cart’ has been expanded to include prothesis care for oral and maxlllofaclal patients. Further information and advice is given for care of the handicapped. Instrument care is now a separate chapter enabling the hygienist 10 know how to care for. sharpen and store the instruments. One of the most important new chapters in the book is on local anacsthcsia. The section on drugs used. tcchniqucs, contra-indications and unwuntcd ctTccts give knowlcdgc nccdcd for the practical application. ‘Chronic pcriodonal diseases’ has been updated and now includes sections on pre-pubertal. rapidly progressing. periodontitis and refractory. In the acute gmgival and periodontal chapter. tmumatic gingivitis, hypersensitivity rcactons and HIV have been added. l-‘inally an important update 10 the book is the chapter on training and employment for the dental hygicnist. This gives the new legislation relating to hygienists and states what they arc permitted to practice. supervised of unsupervised. My thoughts on this book are that it is of a very good standard. providing the theory required to carry out practical skills. Good advice is given for the medically compromised patients along with general information. I would strongly rccommcnd the book to any training or practisinp hygiemst. G. WAISOS Dental Hygienist Sunderland District General Hospital








By G. R. Seward. 1992. British Dental pp. 15. Price f3.99. ISBN 0 904588 35 I.

The Elephant Man.


This fascinating booklet deals with the factual story of Joseph Mcrrick in three scgmcnts. The elephant man’s hfe story: skclctal deformities: and diseases and cause of death. Of particular intcrcst to oral and maxillofacial surgeons is the emphasis placed on his cmniofacial findings. The preservation of his skclcton and the photographs presented thcrcof bring forth the interesting preponderance of the unilateral cxprcssion of his disease. Although the bulk of this treatise deals with his physical findings. the sections on the story of his life and death tend 1o satisfy the curiosity that inevitably occurs as one is caught up with this mystcriouh malady. W. H. DAVIS Private Praclicc Bclflowcr California Diagnosis of Salivary

By K. Graamans & Academic Publishers.

Gland Disorders.

H. P. van den Akker. 1991. Kluwer Price f44. ISBN 0792313844.

This IS a timely publication in view of the improvements in imaging of both Computcriscd Tomography (CT) and Ultrasonopraphy, and the recent introduction of Magnetic Rcsonancc Imaging (MRI). The book is well laid out in a logical manner coverlng each method of investigation and its relationship to the various salivary gland disorders, with each chapter providing a comprchcnsivc list of references. Apart from the standard investigations covcrcd thcrc are chapters on Scintlgraphy, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Sialochemlstry. There is also a chapter on Hlstopathology which introduces the now complex classification of Adcnocarcinoma:, of the salivary glands. The subject covcrcd is narrow. but I though1 there could have been more discussion on the clinical indications for the investigations especially if pursuing a diagnosis when the treatmcnt options are limited. Scintigraphy IS recommcndcd in Sjogren’s Syndrome because it may indicate the extent of


By E. A. Breisch & H. T. Greenway. 1992. Churchill Livingstone. pp. 133. Price fl8.50. ISBN 0-443-08744-X. This is one of a series of ‘Practical Manuals’ in dcrmatologlc surgcry. The text is divided into I1 chapters. 8 dealing with dltferent areas of the head and neck. I specifically considerIng relaxed skin tension lines. 1 on the facial nerve and I on lymph drainage. The 8 chapters consider each area under the headings. surface anatomy. muscles, blood supply. lymphatics. motor nerves. sensory nerves and clinical considerations. The pages altcrnatc bctwccn text and diagrams. The text is often half a page or less. quite superficial in detail and on several occasions, the same subject and text is repcatcd in consideration of different regions. For cxamplc. the facial ncrvc is mentioned in scvcral chapters but usually only in 349