Dentistry at the New York World’s Fair of 1939

Dentistry at the New York World’s Fair of 1939

20 44 T h e Journal o f the Am erican D en ta l Association and T h e D en ta l Cosm os and clinics for treatment. It is relatively easy to note the...

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20 44

T h e Journal o f the Am erican D en ta l Association and T h e D en ta l Cosm os

and clinics for treatment. It is relatively easy to note the nebulae or whitish marks in the cornea or to observe that the pa­ tient has a photophobia and attempts to shield his eyes from the strong dentallamp. Like the dental marks, it may be associated with the bulging forehead, sad­ dle nose or scars radiating from the angles of the mouth and lips. There may be an anterior bowing of the tibiae or a mark­ edly enlarged clavicle. These signs are usually present either singly or in com­ bination. It is a relatively simple matter to look for eighth nerve deafness, using the watch test and later confirming the findings by testing for bone conduction. It is a well-proven fact that when these signs are noted and treatment is insti­ tuted, many of the bad effects already present can be lessened; but what is more important, inauguration of treatment al­ most immediately renders the condition noninfectious and prevents further disa­ bling or crippling effects. It would be a real advance toward the conquest of syphilis if all dentists would look for syphilitic stigmata as did Sir Johnathan Hutchinson, who wrote, “I have repeatedly ventured to pledge my­

self to a diagnosis of hereditary syphilis founded solely on the state of the teeth, and subsequently found that the patient’s history placed the correctness of the opinion beyond a doubt.” ,


1. S t o k e s , J o h n : M o d e r n C lin ic a l S y p h ilo lo g y . P h ila d e lp h ia : W . B . S a u n d e rs C o ., 19 3 4 . 2. M o o r e , J . E .: M o d e r n T r e a t m e n t o f S y p h ilis. S p rin g fie ld , 111.: C . C . T h o m a s , 193 6 . 3. W a lk e r , J. E ., a n d N ic h o ls , H . J .: / . Exper. M ed ., 3 7 :5 2 5 , A p r il 192 3 . 4. S te in , J. B . : D . Cosmos, 55:6g r, J u ly 19 13 5 . S u t t o n , I. C . : Am . J. Syph., 9 :9 4 , J a n u ­ a r y 19 2 5 . 6. R e in , C . R ., a n d F e ld m a n , M . H .: S im p le M e th o d f o r D e te c tin g S y p h ilis in R o u tin e D e n ta l P r a c tic e . J .A .D .A ., 2 2 :1 2 0 3 , J u ly 19 3 5 . 7. W a ls h , D . R .: La n cet, 2, J u ly 1 9 1 9 . 8. L a n g d o n , H a r r y : D . Summary, 3 6 :7 6 6 , S e p te m b e r 1 9 1 6 . 9. O ’L e a r y , P. A .: Y e a r B ook o f D e n tis tr y 19 3 6 , p . 13*10. A u d r y , C . : Ann. de dermat et syph., 9 : 7 3 7 , S e p te m b e r 1928. 1 1 . B a u e r, W . : W ein. K lin . W chnschr., :


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DENTISTRY AT THE NEW YO RK W ORLD’S FAIR OF 1939 N o t many people believe that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but the appalling number of people who do believe that a toothbrush and a tube of tooth paste or powder keeps the dentist away makes it imperative that the dental profession, for the sake of the public it serves and for its own sake, counteract the popular miscon­ ceptions prevalent regarding dental health and care. Realizing that the New York World’s Fair of 1939 will afford an op­ portunity of reaching from three to five

million people, who will visit the Medi­ cal and Public Health Building at the Fair, the Dental Society of the State of New York is taking advantage of this opportunity to present the most exten­ sive dental education program ever un­ dertaken. The centrally located Medical and Pub­ lic Health Building at the Fair, in keep­ ing with the theme of “The World of Tomorrow/’ will dramatically portray scientific advances which deal with the promotion of human health, happiness

Bureau o f P u blic Relations

and efficiency. Dentistry must play a part in this story of m an’s fight against health hazards. Assuming the leadership to assure an exhibit which cannot fail to impress the visitor with the importance o f frequent and proper dental care, the state society points out that all dentists will share in the benefits o f such wide­ spread education, and that all dentists should likewise share in making this exhibit possible. Russell W . Tench, president of the Dental Society of the State of N ew York, in an appeal for support of this enter­ prise, said, “ A fund of at least thirty thousand dollars is needed, and I appeal to every dentist, particularly those east of the Mississippi, to support this project,


which will benefit the public, dentistry and each individual dentist. We are not selling stamps or seals, as we feel that it would be wiser to use the entire contribu­ tion for the purpose in hand ; namely, to erect a striking exhibit telling the story of what dentistry means to public health and human happiness. A ll con­ tributions will be welcome. None will be considered too small, nor none too large. W e want every dentist repre­ sented.” Contributions should be made payable to the Dental Society of the State of N ew York, W orld’s Fair Fund, and should be mailed to the secretary o f the society, Charles A. Wilkie, 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N. Y .

D E N T IS T R Y A T T H E G O L D E N G A T E E X P O S IT IO N V i s i t o r s at the Golden Gate Exposition to be held next year on Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay, will be forced to stop and look, if not listen, to dentistry. The accompanying photograph, taken O c­

tober 26, shows the A.D.A. exhibit well un­ der construction. As work progresses, other photographs will be taken to record prog­ ress. The Golden Gate Dental Exhibit, which

A .D .A . exh ibit for G olden G ate Exposition in process o f construction, O ctober 26, 1938.