Foster Wheeler wins Deer Park refinery expansion project

Foster Wheeler wins Deer Park refinery expansion project

Pump Industry Analyst in the spring of 2000, with full operation of the entire facility expected in June 2001. PEAK DEMAND GAS POWER PLANT FOR ILLIN...

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Pump Industry Analyst

in the spring of 2000, with full operation of the entire facility expected in June 2001.


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Dynegy of Houston, Texas and Nicor of Naperville, Illinois are to jointly construct a 250 MW natural gas-fueled, peak-demand power generation facility in East Dundee, Illinois. Construction on the Rocky Road power plant is expected to begin during the first quarter of 1999 and the facility should be in service this summer. Dynegy and Nicor will each own a 50 per cent interest in the facility through a special purpose partnership. The Rocky Road power plant will use natural gas delivered through the Nicor system as fuel to generate electricity that will support regional demand. In addition, the merchant facility will be able to support electricity demands in other regions of the country. The plant will be a peak-demand facility and will be operated to meet demand on an as-needed basis.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC COMMITS TO TTL TECHNOLOGY Largo, Florida-based Toups Technology Licensing Inc has entered a joint venture with Compania de Luz y Fuerza de las Terrenas to build and operate AquaFuel T M production plants and AquaFuel electric power generation facilities in the Dominican Republic. TTL's AquaFuel is produced from a patented process involving the electric discharge of carbon arcs in water. Luz y Fuerza is a consortium organised to privatise the delivery of electric power


February 1999

throughout the country. It is the Dominican Republic's only non-government electric utility, operating several power generation facilities and its own transmission lines that carry electricity to four major urban areas. The first Dominican AquaFuel production plant will be built according to a 15-month feasibility and development schedule. Design and engineering has started, and a commercial-size generator is scheduled for installation by May 1999. It will be designed to generate at least 4000 cubic feet of AquaFuel per hour on a continual basis using modified electric arc furnace technology and will fuel one or more natural gas-converted diesel electric generators capable of providing approximately 1 MW of electricity.

FASTER LNG/LPG TERMINALS PLANNED Shell Global Solutions and Cryogaz Technologies are to co-operate on the development of fast track, low cost Liquid Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LNG/ LPG) terminal projects. The Suape LNG import terminal in Northeast Brazil will be the first project site. It will provide Petrobras and Shell Brazil with a high quality design package for a safe, reliable and cost-effective terminal. The proposed terminal in Suape will be South America's first regasification terminal. Shell Global Solutions is the network of technology companies operated by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. Cryogaz Technologies is a commercial joint venture between Technigaz, owned by Bouygues Offshore, and Sofregaz, a subsidiary of Gaz de France.

UNION CARBIDE'S TAFT PLANT OPENS Union Carbide Corporation has announced the start-up of its new 300 million pounds-per-year ethoxylation plant at the company's Taft, Louisiana petrochemicals complex. Commercial production of TERGITOL ® nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) surfactants is underway at the facility, and transfer of NPE production to Taft from Union Carbide plants in Texas City and Seadrift, Texas, is complete. The new plant will also begin producing CARBOWAX ® polyethylene glycols this year. Union Carbide is the world's largest producer of NPEs. In addition to its Taft, Texas City and Seadrift facilities, the company's ethoxylation network includes units at South Charleston and Institute, West Virginia.

SHELL CHEMICALS, BASF PLAN SM/PO FACILITY Shell Chemicals and BASF are to form a new 50/50 joint venture for the production of styrene monomer (SM) and propylene oxide (PO) in Singapore. The final investment decisions by the boards of both companies are expected during 1999. The new world-scale facility will be built at the Seraya site in Singapore, where Shell already has an SM/PO plant in a joint venture with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC). This plant has been in operation since May 1997. The projected plant, which is planned to be on stream at the end of 2001, will be the fourth plant worldwide using Shell's advanced proprietary SM/PO technology and will have an annual production

capacity of 250 000 metric tons of PO and 550 000 metric tons of SM. BASELL, another BASF/Shell joint venture, is building a similar plant at the Moerdijk site in the Netherlands. Shell is set to enter into an arrangement with MCC for long-term off-take rights for a substantial volume of SM from the planned new facility. Shell will also increase its PO conversion capacity on the Seraya site through an investment in a world-scale Polyol plant and an expansion of the existing Propylene Glycol unit.

FOSTER WHEELER WINS DEER PARK REFINERY EXPANSION PROJECT A joint venture between Shell Oil Company and PMI Norteamerica, a Petroleos Mexicanos company, has awarded a contract to Foster Wheeler USA Corporation to support the expansion of the venture's refinery in Deer Park, Texas. The refinery will process larger quantities of heavy, sour Maya crude supplied by Petroleos Mexicanos. The centerpiece of the refinery expansion project is Foster Wheeler's proprietary Selective Yield Delayed Coking (SYDEC4) technology. This US$300 million expansion project follows Foster Wheeler's 1995 completion of the delayed coker project that converted the Deer Park refinery for processing Maya crude. For the current expansion project, Foster Wheeler USA's Southwest Operations Center in Houston, Texas, will provide process design, detailed engineering, construction planning and procurement services for the delayed coking unit and gas plant.