‘Greener’ wetting agent

‘Greener’ wetting agent

F O C U S Performance Chemicals US Co, the subsidiary that owns the Innospec Finetex business, Tauranol SCMI-85 is “one of the most exciting new surfa...

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F O C U S Performance Chemicals US Co, the subsidiary that owns the Innospec Finetex business, Tauranol SCMI-85 is “one of the most exciting new surfactants developed for the personal care industry in recent years”. Finetex’s expertise in isethionate chemistry enabled it to efficiently scale up for production in commercial quantities, and the sales and marketing teams have already generated significant interest in this “breakthrough product,” Matena says. Innospec Inc, a spin off from Great Lakes in 1998, is an international speciality chemicals company with almost 1000 employees in 23 countries. It divides its operations into three distinct business areas: Fuel Specialties, Performance Chemicals and Octane Additives. Innospec, as Octel, bought Finetex in 2005 [Focus on Surfactants, Mar 2005]. Press release from: Innospec Inc, Innospec Manufacturing Park, Oil Sites Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 4EY, UK. Tel: +44 151 355 3611. Fax: +44 151 356 2349. Website: http://www.innospecinc.com (14 Feb 2007)

Shrinking the carbon footprint: Air Products’ green surfactants Manufacturers of industrial and institutional cleaners who are seeking low-cost raw materials with lower environmental implications can turn to Air Products’ range of alcohol ethoxylate surfactants. The Tomadol range of products are efficient, ecofriendly substitutes for phenol-based surfactants, particularly nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) surfactants. The implementation of the Detergents Regulation in Oct 2005 in Europe triggered the shift from NPEs to biodegradable surfactants in detergents and cleaning solutions. Tomadol can eliminate heavy soils using much lower concentrations than those products with NPEs. In addition, Tomadol requires less solvent than NPE-containing cleaning agents. ICIS Chemical Business, 5 Feb 2007, (Website: http://icischemicalbusiness.com)

Degussa raises prices for surfactants and other Goldschmidt Chemical products From 1 Apr 2007, or as contract terms allow, the Household Care, Personal Care and Industrial APRIL 2007



Specialties business lines of Degussa’s Goldschmidt Chemical Corporation will increase prices by up to 10% for all products marketed in North America. The increase includes, but is not limited to, quaternary compounds, surfactants, amine derivatives, silicone derivatives, and speciality additives. It is necessary to counter continuing escalating costs for raw materials, the company says. In related news, Degussa GmbH is selling its antioxidant activities to a subsidiary of the Starnberg holding company ARQUES Industries AG. The transaction includes the sale of the Spanish head office in Barcelona (Degussa Sant Celoni SA) and the antioxidants business of the British company Degussa Knottingley Ltd. Financial terms have not been disclosed. The sale is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities and cartel offices but Degussa and ARQUES expected the transaction to be finalized in the first quarter of 2007. Degussa’s antioxidants business comprises products for beauty care and wellness as well as plastics, lubricants, foods and paints. In fiscal 2005 it employed about 140 staff and generated sales of approximately €60 M. Dr Klaus Engel, chairman of Degussa’s management board, says that the transaction is part of the company’s “systematic portfolio optimization”, divesting an activity that is not part of its core business. Press release from: Degussa Goldschmidt Chemical Corporation, 914 East Randolph Road, Hopewell, VA 23860, USA. Tel: +1 804 541 8658. Fax: +1 804 541 8689. Website: http://www.degussa-nafta.com (20 Feb 2007)

CropScience, Degussa, Henkel, Schering, Sudzucker, Wacker Chemie and several SMEs are some of the companies involved in IMG. Henkel, in cooperation with BRAIN and others, has created enzymes for use in detergents and cleaning agents [Focus on Surfactants, Apr 2005]. The enzymes enable the products to be used at lower washing temperatures and provide improved cleansing power and environmental profile. IMG will spend €42 M through 2012 to accelerate the use of microorganisms in technical processes and create new products. The industry and the government are expected to spend around €600 M in white biotechnology initiatives in Germany through 2017. Speciality Chemicals, Jan/Feb 2007, 27 (1), 14

‘Greener’ wetting agent A low-foam wetting agent for waterborne systems has been developed by Cognis. Hydroplat 120 is label and solvent free and provides both efficiency and environmental compliance. It can be utilized in lowfoaming surfactant mixtures as well as water-based industrial coatings and printing inks, and water-based adhesive formulations. PPCJ, Polymers, Paint, Colour Journal, Jan 2007, 197 (4508), 51

APPLICATIONS Household/personal care Henkel divests low-priced products

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS German industry gives backing to white biotech Several German firms in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and nutrition industries have collaborated to finance Industrieverbund Mikrobielle Genomforschung (IMG) an association that aims to accelerate microbial genome research, or white biotechnology, for use in various industries. BASF, BRAIN, Bayer

Henkel is selling its small business in private-label products, the company then becoming a producer of brandname products only. UK company McBride is taking over Henkel’s European private-label business in household products. The purchase price, including performance-related payments, will be up to £39.3 M. The business had sales of £92.5 M in 2006. The activities comprise dishwashing tablets and household cleaners. Handelsblatt Wirtschafts- und Finanzzeitung, 26 Feb 2007, (Website: http://www.handelsblatt.com) (in German)