Ground response curves for rock tunnels

Ground response curves for rock tunnels

!I2A 834128 SUDDEN FLOOR LIFT IN MINE W O ~ S (ZN ~ u s s ~ ) V~nON AND ITS I='RE- road headers to hand mining or drill and blast techniques. The...

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(ZN ~ u s s ~ )



road headers to hand mining or drill and blast techniques. The remaining face is being driven by road header umder compressed air to control the water inflow.

Zbsrshchlk~ M P Ugol Ukr, N6, June 1981, PIT-19 Sudden floor llft in mine werkimgs occurs as a result of: (I) release of surplus elastic erm-gy of the mine strata, (2) resistance of the passive layer, amd (3) the chamges in the area-perimeter relationship uf the floc~ due to mining operations. It is suggested that floer llft can be prevented by the extraction of the passive layer.

8 3 4 1 ~ SUCCESSFUL GRP PIPE JACK LEADS TO ~&JOR ARAB CONTRACT Martin, D Tunn Tunnlg, V15, NB, March 1983, P45 The Chardlers Found Outfall Sewer, southampton, UK, has been ccmpleted using glass reinforced plastic (grp) pipe, the first such commercial Job in the werld. Pipe Jacking was through very bad ground conditions: very wet, water-bearing silt, with sand and gravel.



(~N CZ~m)

Kovac, J Vnli, V30, NI0, Oct 1982, P387-391 83~130 SELqMICITY ASSOCIATED WITH THE EXTRACvfION OF SEVERAL COAL SEAMS. PART i (IN JAPARESE) Isobe, T Nippon Kcgyo Kaishi, V~7, NI125, Nov 1981 ,

8B~135 FINITE ~.WMENT SIMULATION OF TUNT~LING OVER SUBWAYS Ghaboussi, J; Hansmlre, W H; Parker, H W J Geotech Emgrg Div ASCE, Vl09, NGTB, March 1983, P318-33~ Finite element analysis of a sewer tunnel crossimg over existing subway tunnels in New Yerk was performed. The clearance between the sewer tunnel ani the subway tunnels was very smut1 amd the purpose of the finite element amalysis was to evaluate the influence of the sewer tunnel construction on the subway tunmel liner ferces. The construction of the subway tunnels and the l~ocess of construction of the sever tunnel were simulated in the analysis. The paper describes the fSeld conditions anl the amalysis, and presents camperisons between the amalysis results and the field measurements. Auth.

PI169-I174 Measurements of the selamicity resulting from the extraction ~f a group of coal seams were -~de over a 9 month period at S ~ a Collle~y, Hokkaido, Ja;an. The distribution of the seismic ph~_-~_ena was in agreement with the Gute~erg-Riahter f~m~tla. On the basis of observatiorm, layouts far werkiz~ deposits and preventi~ serious seismic activity are discussed. 834131 VISIT TO SOME AUSTRALIAN MINES USING TEE C R A T ~ NLASTING ~±'~Ou. JANUARY 1982 (IN SWEDISH) Niklasson, B Swedish Detonic Research Four~tion r e p o t DS 1982:8, 20 March 1902, 43P

MEASURED SOIL RESPONSE TO EI~ SHTk~D TUNNELING Clot~, G W; Sweeney, B P; F ~ , R J J Geotech E r ~ Div ASCE, Vl09, NGT2, Feb

]-963, n31-l~9 Three mines in Australia were visited to study the vertical crater retreat mining method.

The first earth pressure balance (EPB) shield l~oJect in the USA is described: a 915m long, 3.7m diameter tunnel as pert of the San Francisco Clean Water Project. The tunnel was advanced through a layer of Bay Mud, which was overlain by a r~bble fill. The groundwater table was about 4.6m above the tunnel crown. The EPB shield was used to avoid the use of ccml~essed air er dewaterir~, and to cut through nmmerous abandoned wooden piles along the route. Surface amd subsurface movements were momltered along the altgr~ent during and after shield passage. Settlements were typically less than fer conventiomal shields, arzl the groundwater table was unaffected by tunnelli~g.

Avail: The F O l ~ t i o n , B~x 32058, S-126 ii Stockholm, Sweden

Tunnels See also: 834074, 834129, 834336, 8B~337 834132 COLORADO FOOTHILLS TK~NNEL TURNS ON TKE TAP IN D ~ Martin, D Tunn Turamlg, V15, N3, March 1983, P20-21 The construction uf the Foothills Tunnel, of the Foothills Project, to imlm~ve water distribution to Demver, Col~rado, is described. The 3.~ mile lom~ a q ~ u c t was driven from two i ~ loca~O~s us~x~ twO different ttmm~elli~ meT.hods: I~33m of t u ~ l was driven t h r o ~ ~mdstomes, shales amd siltstones u s i ~ a T~M, amd tb~ rest by drill and blast frmm two faces through ~ g retire arzl gneiss. 8 ~ 1 3 3 CARSICk;TON A~UED~CT - MAN AGAINST Martin~ D; Wallis, S Turin T u ~ , VlS, N3, March i~83, F27-30 Case st~iy of the c o n a ~ c t i o n of a I0. ~km aque~ at Carsimgton, D ~ s h l r e , UK. Harder roak amd mere water inflow than expected have ferced three of the four drives to switch from


GROUND RESPONSE CURVES FOR ROCK TUNNELS Browm, E T; Bray, J W; Ladar~rl, B J Geotech E r ~ Div ASCE, Vl09, NGT1, Jan

1983, P15-39 Methods c~ response curve calculations are l~esented for a tunnel of circular cross-section excavated in a rock mass initially subjected to a h3~lrostatic in situ stress field. Plane s t r a i n comditions are assumed. Two solutions are l~esented: (i) a closed-form solution far an elastic-Brittle-plastlc material behaviour model in which post-peak dilatamcy occm~s at a constant rate with ms~cr l~iDcipal strain, amd (2) a stepwise sequence of calculations fcr an elastic-strain, s~enlrg-plastic model in which post-peak dilatancy occurs at a lower


rate with major l~incipal strain in the constant strer~th plastic zone than the strain sc~tenlng zone. These two solu-tic~s are applied in illustrative examples. ~2 refs.

ln-situ s t r e s s ~ and stress around underground openings

8341~ common OF ~ s (IN ~ s s ~ )

Fo~ ROCKR U ~ ~ I O N

Voloshin, N E Bezopasr~ost Tr Prom-st, N2, Feb 1982, I:'38-~i

See a l s o : 834179


R e ~ - t s Polish work on the measurement of gravimetric m~cro-anamalies in hazardous areas. It is coDcl~ded t h a t meas~ement af char~es in these anomalies with time can enable forecasts of outb u r s t s to b e made.


Evaluates a method fcr fcrecastir~ rock burst hazard based on the determination of gas emission dynamics. It is concluded that the method is inaccurate ar~ urreliable. 8 ~ i ~ 5 ANALYSIS OF DYNAMIC EFFECTS WHEN MODELLING ROOF

P r e s e n t s a l ~ r a m ~ written far an 'Apple-2/Pl~s' microcomputer, d e s i g n e d to calculate the perlmetral elastic d e ~ t i o n s amd tamgential stresses erc~n~ u~dar~rom~ openings cf non-clrcular see~on. 83~139 EFFECTS OF OUTBURSTS OF COAL AND GAS ON DEEP M I N I ~ IN THE BOWEN BASIN, QUeeNSLAND, AND THE ~ ' ~ o ~ r s MADE TO DEAL W~TH THE PHERCMERON. PART 2. THE NATI/RE OF THE (~.IEENHIAND~ S AND THE TYPE AND ORIGINS OF GASES PRODUCED Roberts, I ~eensland Gov Min J, V83, N97~, Dec 1982,

Roc~ ~ s T s

IN ~ D ~ S

(IN ~ I s ~ )

HUeekel, T C ~ / c t w o , V6, N2, 1982, P125-139 Presents am anslysis of the conditions givlr~ rise %o ~ m ~ ir~tability in headir~ roofs, a method fc~ the calculation of roof deflection, its velocity a~d acceleration, a~i the duration o f t h e phenomenon. 83~i~6 ~ - , . s OF THE DYNAMICS OF CRACKING OF SrRO~ ROOF ROCKS ON THE ROCK BURST HAZARD IN M I N I ~ EXCAVATIONS (IN POLISH) Bilinski, A Gornictwo, V6, N2, i~82, PI~I-I~

See item 83~I~o f ~ part ~. 8B~l~0 EFFECTS ~ OUTBURSTS OF COAL AND GAS ON D~EP MINING IN THE BOWEN BASIN, ~ , A/~ THE EFF(I~S MADE TO DEAL WITH THE PHENOMENON. PART1 Roberts, I Queensland Gov Min J, V83, N973, Nov i ~ 2 ~

~-~3 See item 834139 far part 2. 8341~i ROCK SUPPORT BY A DESTRESSED RING OF ROCK AROUND A GATLWRY U N D ~ SEVERE SIT~SS Roest, J P A G e o l MiJnbouw, V61, ~ , Dec 1982, P367-372 A study is beimg carried out to investigate the control of fracturing in rock surroumdimg urdergrour~ roadways m~ler severe stress comditione. Model tests iniicate that a considerable decrease in eonvarge~ce will occur if a clrc~lar zone of rock arc~nl the roadway is artificially weakened a ~ de~tressed. An ur~er~rour~ test coraAirmed that a destressed tubular rock mass a~'ro~rdlng the excavation could ~ serious ~ r e s s deviations of the surrour~ing bedrock, so that the ros~way remains l~actically ur~amaged. 83~i~2 ON ELASTIC AND FLASTIC EQUILIBRIUM OF IN SFHS~CAL UEDEBGROUND Ni G u ~ o n g Nonferrous Met, V3~, NI, Feb i ~ 3 , PI&-23 sane stress am~ displsmemem~ e q ~ i m n s f ~ elastic amd plastic regions of rocks . ~ m d ing s~erical caverns are derived frmm Mohr's circle of s t r e s s e s anl ~bree l i ~ t t ~ E era-yes: the s~ai~ht llne, hyperbola a ~ parabola. An e x p r e s s i o n o f ~he r e s i s t a r ~ e o f s h o t c ~ e t e supis also given. 83~i~3 NEW PERS~-..±~ES ON M







(IN G m ~ )

FaJklewicz, Z Neue Bergba~ech~ VI2~ N3~ March i~82, ~PI~O-I~3

Describes a st1~dy of cracking ~henc~na in ecm~act, ~ c k sa~dstor~ strata overlyir~ the Sz~mbie~ki Colliery, Poland. Techniques used included: small diameter drillimg far the location of zones of increased stress, microseismic methods for the location of the foci of seismic shocks, levelling s~rveys of dislocations in the sa~Istone roof, electrical resistame measurements of discontinuities in the sandstone s~rata and seismic measurements to determine where blocks exist in the sandstone strata. 83~i~7 ANALYSIS OF DYNAMIC ~'F~CTS WHEN MCDELLIq~ ROCK

~t,RSTS XN A ROOF-PrrLAR SYST~N (~N P~mI~) Hueckel, T Gcrnic'two, V~, I~,, 1981,


An example is ~resented of an ar~lysis of dynamic effects arising in a r o c k body ~ i e ~ cor~Itions of external static leering. These effects are of a non-static nature due to the rock l~ol~rties. When the accumulated energy is sm~ficiently large~ a rock burst may ensue. The eesence of the l~oblem is given~ based on a ore-dimensioral m~del~ and examples of the amlysis of the l~hencmen(~ in a roof-pillar system are also l~rese:fcel. From the analysis It was possible to establish criteria far the occm'rence of a dynamic effect, the kinetic energy achieved b y %he r o c k b o d y , t h e r a t e a n d duration of the o c c ~ e ~ c e ~ 8r~ an assessmen~ of the effects in the fc~m of ultimate achievement of a limiting state in ~eighbouring r o c k sect,s. 8 ~ i ~ 8 DESTRESSI~G OF CONTINUOUS DEFORMATIONS BY

~Rrunx~ ~OLES ~N SE~s U~BLE TO s m m 2 ~ s (IN ~OLISH) Fer~ W Przegl C~rn, V~8~ NIl-12, Nov-Dec I~2~

mW-18~ Describes the l ~ i c a l a~d mechanical c ~ s which take place in the seam d~ring destressing by long small-diameter holes. The changes