In memoriam: Jean Adrienne Guveyan

In memoriam: Jean Adrienne Guveyan

Guest Editorial In Memoriam: Jean Adrienne Guveyan August 22, 1960 to February 3, 2001 Jean (Jeannie) Adrienne Guveyan, a past President of the Amer...

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Guest Editorial In Memoriam: Jean Adrienne Guveyan

August 22, 1960 to February 3, 2001

Jean (Jeannie) Adrienne Guveyan, a past President of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses (ASPMN) and active member of the American Pain Society, died unexpectedly on February 3, 2001, in her home in Boston, MA. Jeannie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Simmons College, School of Nursing, in 1982 and received her Master of Science degree in Nursing with distinction from Yale University in 1990. She worked for more than 15 years at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where she held various positions including staff nurse in oncology, supervisor, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, and, most recently, codirector of the Acute Pain Service. She served as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Yale University and, in 2000, formed her business, “Nepenthe,” consulting in the specialty of pain management. Jeannie recently lectured in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong at the invitation of the Health Care Minister. Jeannie was a Charter Member of ASPMN, serving in numerous positions including newsletter editor; member of the Achievement and Recognition, the Nominations, and the Standards Committees; Secretary of the Society; and President from 1994 to 1995. Incorporation, an important step in the growth of a professional organization, occurred during her term in office. Jeannie was very active in her church, St Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church of Watertown, MA, where she sang in the choir, taught Sunday school, and served as a member of the Board of Trustees. She was recognized for her leadership as a member of the National Educational Committee of the North Armenian Church.

Proud to be an Armenian, her giving spirit was shown in service to victims after the Armenian earthquake. Her interests included a love of art, music, movies, good conversation, shopping, dinner with friends, and sharing funny pet stories. Jeannie was learning to be a pilot and had completed her solo flight, one of the requirements for a pilot’s license. Devoted to her family, Jeannie was the daughter of Jack and the late Arpine Guveyan, sister to Steven Guveyan and Susan (Wayne) Parseghian, and aunt to Ani and Arpi Parseghian. Throughout her career, Jeannie was known for her sense of humor, attention to detail, generosity, interest in others, and spirited passion for nursing, especially pain management nursing. She has served as a mentor and role model to many and influenced the care of countless patients. Although she will be missed, we can honor her memory by continuing her work. A scholarship fund to honor Jeannie’s commitment to nursing education has been established in her memory. Contributions will be accepted at the ASPMN National Office. Colleen Dunwoody, MS, RN Linda Dunajcik, MN, RN, CS, AP/MHCNS Annabel Edwards, MSN, RN Liz Ryder, MSN, RN Karen Sikorski, MS, RN ASPMN Colleagues and Friends

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Pain Management Nursing, Vol 2, No 2 (June), 2001: p 37