Initial test results for grit separator reported

Initial test results for grit separator reported

industrial news Wastewater treatment contract worth E80 million Semiconductor manufacturer qualifies long-life filter Degrémont has signed a wastewa...

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industrial news Wastewater treatment contract worth E80 million

Semiconductor manufacturer qualifies long-life filter

Degrémont has signed a wastewater treatment contract for the Halifax Bay with Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), Nova Scotia, Canada, valued at E80 million (US$99 million). The contract relates to the construction of three wastewater treatment plants:

Mykrolis Corp has announced that Altis Semiconductor, a wafer fab company, has qualified its Fluorogard® RS product line for photochemical stripping. Altis will be using the Fluorogard RS filters at its facility in France, one of the largest semiconductor device manufacturing plants in Europe. During a photochemical stripping process evaluation of the Fluorogard RS product line, the performance of the Fluorogard RS-M, in particular, exceeded expectations. The Fluorogard RS-M filter achieved a filter lifetime of two months - four times longer that of the previous filter - and significantly reduced tool downtime caused by bath contamination. “We are pleased that Altis Semiconductor has recognized and will benefit from the improved filtration technology of our Fluorogard RS product line,” said Randy Broomhall-Dillard, product manager at Mykrolis. According to Mykrolis, Fluorogard RS filters provide high protection from films, gels, and hard-particle contaminants encountered in photoresist-stripping and polymer removal applications used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Furthermore, they are designed to last two to three times longer than existing filters, so Fluorogard RS filters offer a lower cost of ownership.

Halifax plant: a maximum rainy-season throughput capacity of 4 m3 per second, to be delivered 26 months from contract signing. • Dartmouth plant: a maximum capacity of 2.58 m 3 per second and scheduled for delivery August 7, 2007. • Herring Cove plant: a maximum capacity of 0.88 m 3 per second, with delivery scheduled for June 7, 2008. The three plants all together will have a total throughput of 64 000 m 3 per day and will treat wastewater and sludge using the same processing line, i.e. pre-treatment (screen cleaning, degritting) advanced primary treatment by Densadeg and ultra-violet disinfection. Sludge will be dehydrated using a Fournier press. The construction of the three plants will be performed over a 47-month period by a consortium including Degrémont and Dexter, a Halifax-based construction company. Degrémont, a subsidiary of Suez Environment, is the Group’s specialist in water treatment plants. With activities in 70 counties and with more than 3200 employees, Degrémont generated revenues of E0.9 billion ($1.1 million) in 2003.

Media manufacturer acquires filter company Filtration Group Technical Media, a filter media manufacturer, has acquired Filtrair BV of The Netherlands, as part of a strategy to create a global filtration company. The newly formed corporation will operate under the Filtrair name. Filtrair’s main manufatcuring plants are situated in Heerenveen, where it produces high loft filter media and pocket filters, along with its patented “Optipleat” filter. The company specializes in manufacturing filters for automotive paint facilities, gas turbine intakes and high-end HVAC installations. Filtration Group Technical Media, located in York, South Carolina, USA, operates a number of nonwoven lines producing high loft polyester media, as well as meltblown polypropylene filter media. Thus, by combining the technologies of both companies Filtrair will be able to provide contaminant protection throughout the entire automotive paint process. The company will operate under the leadership of Jay Forcucci, general manager. Brian Thompson, managing director, will oversee the manufacturing and distribution operations in The Netherlands, Italy, China and South Africa, as well as the international distribution. While Pieter Borkent, former president and owner of Filtrair BV will continue to support the combined company as a director. Filtrair will operate independently from its sister company, Filtration Group. 10 July/August 2004

Initial test results for grit separator reported Enviro Voraxial Technology Inc (EVTN) has reported positive preliminary data from its Voraxial 4000 grit separator, which is currently operating at the Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility (NWRWRF) in Tampa, Florida, USA. The grit separator has been in operation for approximately four months. The preliminary data indicate that the Voraxial 4000 is achieving an overall separation efficiency of 85-89%, i.e. 8589% (by weight) of the particles in the influent wastewater were removed. “These results are far superior to the overall removal efficiency that is typical for current grit separation technology,” said Dr Dan Samela, manager of Engineering and responsible for the testing protocol. Furthermore, the 89% efficiency demonstarted for removal of particles down to 36 microns size is unmatched by any other system currently on the market, according to the company. To validate the efficacy of EVTN’s technology, the grit separator was incorporated at the head-works of a 19 million litres per day wastewater treatment plant. The project is being conducted under a research purchase order from the facility’s operator, the Hillsborough County Water Department, which is at the forefront of introducing new technology into the wastewater treatment industry. Test requirements included processing raw wastewater, including on-site plant drain flow, a sludge side stream flow from an adjacent sludge treatment plant and spent filter backwash waters. Test analyses were performed, verified and reported by an independent laboratory, with the Hillsborough County Water Department acting as an “arms length” observer for the study.