Introduction to ocean optics

Introduction to ocean optics

BOOK REVIEWS Aerosols. Science, Technology, and Industrial Applications of Airborne Particles. Edited by B. Y. H. Liu, D. Y. H. Pui, and H. J. Fissan...

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BOOK REVIEWS Aerosols. Science, Technology, and Industrial Applications of Airborne Particles. Edited by B. Y. H. Liu, D. Y. H. Pui, and H. J. Fissan. Elsevier, New York, 1984. 1069 pp. $95.00. This volume contains the 291 "extended abstracts" of papers presented at the First International Aerosol Conference held in Minneapolis, September 17-2t, 1984, jointly sponsored by the recently organized American Association for Aerosol Research and the Gesellschaft ftir Aerosolforschung. Professor Benjamin Y. H. Liu and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota are to be congratulated for organizing this forum for a research area that has grown immensely during the past 2 decades. The program provides a comprehensive overview of current research. The papers are grouped into 22 chapters under the general headings of (I) Instrumentation and Measurement; (II) Aerosol Characterization; (III) Gas Cleaning, Clean Room, Particle Production, Combustion Aerosols; (IV) Basic Properties and Behavior, Health Effects. The emphasis is on the basic physical science, environmental aspects, and measurements and characterization. The longest abstracts are reproduced from four typewritten pages; many consist of only a paragraph or two. Some do not cite any references. There is an author index of the contributing authors and a subject index.

This collection is a record of some of the current activity by aerosol scientists. However, most of these abstracts hardly provide information in sufficient detail to be useful and one expects, as is so often the case, that what may be of value either has already been published or will soon find its way into the refereed periodical literature. MILTON KERKER

Introduction to Ocean Optics. By K. S. SHIFRIN. Hydrometeorological Press, Leningrad, 1983. 273 pp. This book (in Russian) is concerned with the optical properties of oceanic water, particularly those due to scattering and absorption both by dissolved organic matter and suspended particles. It ranges from consideration of the fundamentals of scattering theory to practical considerations of interest to oceanographers and engineers. There is some attention to inverse problems, viz., analysis of the suspended particles from light scattering measurements, a subject to which Professor Shifrin has made many contributions. This should be of use to both students and research workers who have a knowledge of scientific Russian. MILTON KERKER

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