John Crane set to buy XPD8 Solutions

John Crane set to buy XPD8 Solutions

NEWS DuPont Performance Polymers, Chestnut Run Plaza, Bldg. 713, Wilmington, DE 19880-0713, USA. Tel: +1 302 999 4592, Fax: +1 302 999 6713, Web: www...

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NEWS DuPont Performance Polymers, Chestnut Run Plaza, Bldg. 713, Wilmington, DE 19880-0713, USA. Tel: +1 302 999 4592, Fax: +1 302 999 6713, Web:

Federal-Mogul develops high-strength alloy for diesel pistons


ederal-Mogul Powertrain, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corp, has developed a premium, diesel-piston aluminium alloy, called DuraForm-G91. In benchmarking tests the new alloy provides between three and five times the component life of established as-cast materials in modern, highly loaded, diesel engines, says the firm. The increased strength of the new material also supports higher mechanical loads, which enables engines to operate at a higher specific power and more efficiently. The enhanced alloy properties facilitate piston designs with a lower compression height and reduced mass. The resulting benefits of less reciprocating mass and smaller, lighter cylinder-blocks contribute to a reduction in vehicle CO2 emissions.

Contacts: Federal-Mogul Corp, 27300 West 11 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48034, USA. Tel: +1 248 354 7700, Web: Federal-Mogul Wiesbaden GmbH, Stielstr. 11, D-65201 Wiesbaden, Germany. Tel: +49 611 201 1001

Company News John Crane set to buy XPD8 Solutions


trengthening its aftermarket customer service, John Crane, a division of the global technology company Smiths Group, has signed an agreement to acquire XPD8 Solutions Ltd. XPD8 Solutions is a privately held company that brings significant asset management capabilities, including maintenance engineering services and condition monitoring for the energy sector. John Crane says that the business will be integrated into its global business solutions group within the global end-user sales and service business. ‘This acquisition underscores our commitment to strengthening our portfolio of aftermarket services that help drive efficiencies in our customers’ operations and reduce their total 4

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cost of ownership,’ commented Duncan Gillis, President and CEO, John Crane. John Donatiello, Vice President of Global End-user Sales and Service, John Crane, added: ‘XPD8 Solutions’ customers will benefit from the largest global sales and service footprint of more than 230 facilities around the world. In addition, access to the new services will help our current customers reduce costs by optimising asset management programmes and extending the life of critical equipment used in their operations.’ The services acquired through this agreement will be integrated into the existing John Crane asset management products and technology portfolio.

‘We are pleased to join the EKK Eagle Industry family, added Girardot. ‘We have deep respect for EKK Eagle Industry’s corporate culture, including its dedication to corporate social responsibility. With the financial and management resources EKK Eagle Industry brings to the table we are optimistic about our future growth, career development opportunities for our employees, and our ability to create new jobs and enter new markets.’

Contacts: John Crane, 227 W. Monroe Street, Suite 1800, Chicago, IL 60606, USA. Tel: +1 312 605 7800, Fax: +1 312 419 1960, Web:

ABC Technology, Rue de la Croix Pellerin, F-16130 Gensac La Pallue, France. Tel: +33 5 4535 9354, Fax: +33 5 4535 9430, Web:

Contacts: EKK Eagle Industry, Hopelerweg 250, 6468 XX Kerkrade, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 45 546 9222, Fax: +31 45 546 4730, Web:

XPD8 Solutions, 10 North Silver Street, Aberdeen AB10 1RL, UK. Tel: +44 1224 639988, Web:

James Walker manufacturing site Acquisition is expected rapidly recovers to spur growth of EKK from flooding the UK, James Walker’s manuEagle Industry facility in the town of Infacturing


KK Eagle Industry, which has supplied automotive and industrial sealing and control products for more than half a century, has announced that it has acquired ABC Technology in France, a global producer of electromagnetic subassemblies. ABC Technology, which employs 150 people, will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eagle Holding Europe Bv. With European headquarters in The Netherlands, Eagle Holding Europe is a subsidiary of EKK Eagle Industry and has European manufacturing locations in The Netherlands, France, Germany and Hungary. ‘We have been doing business with ABC Technology for many years. And we are delighted to welcome the company to the EKK Eagle Industry family of companies,’ said Denis Lorchat, CEO, Eagle Industry, France. ‘Serge Girardot has been leading the company since 1994 and will continue to do so. In keeping with our acquisition practices, we do not expect to make any significant changes at ABC Technology, but rather, are depending on a combination of its local know-how and expertise and our technologies to enable the development of new business opportunities, strengthening of our position in Europe and entry into new geographic markets, including the USA.’

Cockermouth, North West England, experienced flooding following unprecedented rainfall and weather conditions across the region on 5 December 2015. Despite significant flood protection investment and being equipped with the latest technology, the firm’s facility was affected and, after making emergency preparations, all personnel had to vacate the site. By Sunday 6 December the water levels had dropped sufficiently to allow access to the site and following an initial assessment of the situation a full business continuity plan was immediately implemented. Within just 72 hours of gaining access to the buildings a truly superhuman effort by all concerned brought the facility back to a point where on 11 December ten moulding machines were back up and running and had recommenced vulcanising joining operations on large-diameter seals. The firm’s laboratories were deep-cleaned and also brought on-line, providing material testing capabilities for raw materials and production batches, whilst logistics (which actually started to dispatch stock and finished products within 24 hours of pumping the water out of the building) were also back in full operation. Praising colleagues throughout the company for the efforts that have been made in recovery and continuity, following the flood, Peter Needham,

December 2015