LONDON UNIVERSITY.—HOSPITAL REPORT. 655 cessive steps of the process, and state how for small-pox. The promise was received ! morphia is directed to...

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cessive steps of the process, and state how for small-pox. The promise was received ! morphia is directed to be extracted from the hydrochlorate. What is the primary form with hearty cheers from both sides of the of the crystals of this vegetable alkali ?By what chemical characters is morphia distinHouse. guished from narcotina, codeie, strychnia, brucia, and quina? What is the atomic ELECTION AT UNIVERSITY COL- constitution of morphia’ LEGE AND HOSPITAL. 2. What are the symptoms, for the relief DR. C. J. B. WILLIAMS was, on Saturday of which opium is used in iuflammatory diseaseat and what are the circumstances last, elected Professor of the Principles and which permit its emptoyment ? For what Practice of Medicine at University College, , purposes is this remedy administered in and what are the symptoms and Physician to the Hospital, vacant by continued fever, which forbid its use ? the resignation of Dr. Elliotson. Among 3. What are the botanical characters and the candidates were Drs. COPLAND and CRAI- prevaitinn medicinal qualities of Ranxncttlacece, Umbelliferœ, and Solancœ? EnumeGIE. A variety of reports have reached ns rate the officinal species in each order. 4. Describe the digestive apparatus (inrelating to the election, which, however, we cluding the mouth) of the officinal leech. refrain from mentioning at present. Explain how this animal perforates the skin and draws blood. M4Intion in what easel

the more effectual prevention of


leeching is 5. What

to be

preferred to cupping. change does sulphate of

iron Iluffer when mixed with the decoctum a/o,:s THE following were the questions pro. compositum? What soluble ferruginous are compatible with this decoctiont pounded at the first examination for Ho- salts What substances are incompatible with the :held on 10 nours, Wednesday, July misfurn feri-i composita? (Continuedfrom page 638.) 6. Describe the method of preparing antiEXAMINATION FOR HONOURS IN monii Potassio-tartras, PH. Lonn.; and explain the chemical changes which occur CHEMISTRY. the process. What is the composiduring Examiner, Professor DANIELL. of this salt in the crystallised state? 1. Is there any, and what, difference in , 7. In what inflammatory diseases, and the law of expansion by heat, between water under what circumstances, would mercury, and alcohol ? so as to affect the mouth, be admisgiven the of 2. Explain phenomenon dew. sible and advisable? How would the ex3. Explain the principal phenomena of istence of syphilis, scrufula, or local maligelectrical induction, and the construction nant disease affect its use? and action of the Leyden jar. 8. What are the effects, uses, and doses 4. What are the principal phenomena of of lobdi4 inflata and of chimaphila coryma simple voltaic circuit? bosa? 5. Describe the construction of the vol9. Describe in botanical language the taic battery, and explain the origin of its fruit of conium maculatum. power. 10. What pharmaceutical crystals have 6. What is electrolysis? and what the the square prism for their primary form ? principal tawsby which it is governed ? Illustrate the 7. What is isomerism?



subject by examples.

8. Describe the process for the produc- UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOSPITAL. tion of sulphuric ether, and explain the ERYSIPELAS OF THE LM ASD THIGH. changes which take place during its pro-

duction. W. B., aged 18, waa admitted July 2, 9. What is the constitution of urea? Ex- under the care of lir. He is a plain by chemical notation the relation greengrocer, of temperate Cuoper. habits. He states which it bears to cyanate of ammonia. that about five weeks ago he knocked his 10. What is oxalamide? What relation leg against a cart, by which the skin was doea it bear to oxalate of ammonia? off. The place has never since bealed. On Thursday last, on going to MATERIA MEDICA AND market, be caught cold, and suffered from CEUTICAL CHEMISTRY severe pain in his limbs, back, and Ioins, Examiner, Mr. PEREIRA. attended with considerable fever. He was 1. Describe the method of preparing attended by a medical man, but did not rehydrochlorate of morphia according to the ceive much benefit. On the following day London Pharmacopoeia. Explaia the suc- he observed a svcelling of the leg, tround