Membrane distribution in Saudi Arabia

Membrane distribution in Saudi Arabia

Combining UV and membrane technologies Pall Corp has entered into a strategic alliance that will see California based Pulsar UV Technologies Inc's pat...

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Combining UV and membrane technologies Pall Corp has entered into a strategic alliance that will see California based Pulsar UV Technologies Inc's patented Pulsed Blackbody UltravioletTM (PBUV) technology incorporated into Pall's Aria brand membrane based water treatment systems. According to Pall, the combination of the UV systems with its Aria water treatment equipment produces a double barrier protection system that reduces contaminants, operates at higher flow rates and exhibits less fouling. This system assures purer drinking water, provides unsurpassed protection against water-borne contaminants, both at lower operating costs for municipalities says Pall. Water disinfection by UV has been scientifically proven to kill a variety of pathogens including chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium and E. Coli, as well as viruses. UV irradiation works by damaging the pathogen's DNA mole cules, preventing cellular division, which eventually leads to the death of the

pathogen. In addition, it does not create disinfection byproducts, tastes or odours in drinking water. The PBUV system provides pulsed high energy blackbody light that radiates predominately in the deep ultraviolet range at peak power outputs of between 3 000 000 8 000 000 watts in broadband width ranging from 185 to 400 nm. The UV pulses can effectively break down organic matter and trace contaminants such as methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) and pesticides in feed waters. This reduces the possibility of producing cancer causing by-products when chlorine is added to maintain a disinfectant residual in the distribution pipelines. Further more, because the PBUV system provides high irradiance values the lamps are selfcleaning, i.e. no need tbr chemical additives or wipers. For more information contact: Pall Corp, Water Processing Division, 2200 Northern Boulevard, East Hills, NY 11548, USA. Tel: +1 516 484 5400; Website: www.pall, com/ water

Membrane distribution in Saudi Arabia A AbunayyanTrading Corp, an affiliate of the A Abunayyan Group, has been named as the representative and distributor of Dow Liquid Separations' FilmtecTM membranes in Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, the firm will provide local tech nical and commercial support for Filmtec products, as well as carrying a stock of key Filmtec elements. Commenting on the deal, Ian Barbour, global business director for Dow Liquid Separations said, that


the company needed a presence in Saudi to support the demand for its technology there. Water is an extremely valuable resource in Saudi Arabia. The move away from the traditional life style to modern urban living, industry and agriculture has increased the country's consumption of water. And in fact the water demand has increased steadily over the past 20 years, reaching approximately 2.2 billion m ~ last year. Irrigation consumes the largest amount. The

E-businesses expand filter offering Filtration products from Hydroflow, New Hampshire, USA, will soon be available on-line through Internet distribution company, eFilter. is said to be a neutral, technical filtration resource that recommends and supplies users with filtration equipment suitable for specific applications. Hydroflow produces equipment such as Star TM filters, vacuum filters, centrifuges and rotary drum filters. Its products are used to remove contaminants in grinding, metal cutting and polishing applications in a diverse range of industries including the aerospace, automotive and bearing industries, and some diverse applications such as glass grinding and gold reclamation. eFilter was launched in September 2000 by Beacon ECommerce as a venture to offer filter products to customers from a variety of industries and processes. Hydroflow's headquarters are based in Salem, New Hamphire, USA, and has offices in the USA - Ohio, Connecticut, South Carolina, as well as Shanghai, China, and a manufacturing plant in the UK. Forfurther information contact: eFiher, 4401 Chesapeake Dr, NC 28216, USA. Tel: +1 704 398 7575;Fax: +1 704 398 7822; Website: www.efiher, com

Towards the end of last year Chicago base company eFiltration Inc, signed an agreement with Web company, which provides hard-to-find indirect materials sourcing and procurement solutions. In the deal eFiltration will provide access to its website to 12 000 MRO suppliers from, providing the ability to search and procure all types of maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supplies all from a single site. eFiltration anticipates this supplier relationship will generate more than US$1 million in product sales during its first year. The company has also added Honeywell, Standard Filter Corp and Urban Industries to its on-line list of suppliers at, described as the first global emarketplace tbr filtration products and services. Forfurther information contact: eFihration lnc, 525 W Monroe St, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60661, USA. Tel: +1 877 444 2529; Fax: +1 877 446 4632; E-mail: [email protected]

country is now the world's leading producer of desalinated water. Every day Saudi's 30 desalination plants supply 2.3 billion litres of water, satisfying around 70% of the potable water demand. Forfurther information contact: The Dow Chemical Co, Liquid

Separations Customer Information Center, PO Box 1206, Midland, MI 48642-1206, USA. Tel: +1 800 447 4369;Fax: +I 517 832 1465; Website:; or A Abunayyan Trading Corp, PO Box

321, Riyadh 1141 I, Saudi Arabia. Tel: 966 1 477 9111; Fax: 966 1 479 3312.

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