New faces at Alfa-Laval

New faces at Alfa-Laval

Celanese buys Separex from Air Products . . . Filmtec wins injunction against Allied Signal . . . The Separation Products Division of Hoechst Celane...

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Celanese buys Separex from Air Products . . .

Filmtec wins injunction against Allied Signal . . .

The Separation Products Division of Hoechst Celanese Corp., has purchased the Separex Membrane Systems operation from Air Products & Chemicals. As a result, Separex becomes a business segment within SPD Hoechst Celanese, and the sales and engineering operations will relocate from Allentown, PA, to Charlotte and Houston in the near future. . . . In September 1994, Hoescht decided to sell the Separex gas separation business to UOP (IL, USA) along with a Hoescht Celanese manufacturing plant in

In February the US District Court granted Filmtec, a subsidiary of Dow, a preliminary injunction against the Fluid Systems Division of Allied Signal. The injunction prohibits Allied Signal from making or selling TFCL membranes while a law suit for infringement of US patent 4277344 is pending. It is understood that the injunction became effective on I March. . ..This dispute centred on a Filmtec patent invented by John E. Cadotte regarding the preparation of a reverse osmosis membrane, which was filed in 1981. Although

Anaheim, amount.

the law suit prevented Allied Signal from producing these reverse osmosis membranes it didn’t stop the Fluid Systems Division from being a valuable asset to Allied Signal, who transferred this division to UOP of Illinois, originally a joint venture between Allied Signal and Union Carbide. Another episode in Fluid Systems’ colourful recent history was just around the corner when former UK Company Anglian Water were the next company to take it over. As a of the Anglian consequence



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New Faces at Alfa-Lava1 . . . After three years overseas, Brian Jones joins the Zeta Engineering arm of Alfa-Laval Sharples Ltd, Camberley, UK, as proposals engineer. Nazario I.&, who joined Alfa-Laval Separation in 198 1, has now been appointed southern area sales manager in the UK. . . . After 8 years Alfa-Lava1 Sharples Ltd is still on the same site in Camberley, UK but the Zeta Engineering arm of Alfa-Lava1 Sharples in now called Alfa Lava1 Environmental Engineering. Brian Jones has since left the company to pursue other business interests, but Nazario Lelli still remains with Alfa-Laval Sharples to this day.


Presidential award for pervaporation process A new technique June ‘98 issue

featured in the of Membrane which uses Technology, pervaporation to produce a nontoxic biodegradable solvent, has been given a US 1998 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. The award, administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency and judged by experts from the American Chemical Society, was presented to Argonne research scientists in a ceremony in Washington DC.

New Handbook published . . .

acquisition, Fluid Systems Corp. was formed, based in San Diego, CA. The company remained with the now US owned Anglian Water until the recent acquisition of Fluid Systems in July’98 by Koch Membrane Systems.





developed by the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory can reduce the cost of an environmentally benign solvent, ethyl lactate, enabling this solvent to compete in the marketplace against toxic solvents. Ethyl lactate is biodegradable and non-toxic the US Food and Drug Administration long ago approved its use in food products. It is thought that ethyl lactate is a good candidate to replace other toxic solvents such as chloro-fluorocarbons, which damage the earths ozone layer, and volatile organic compounds, some of the USA’s most common ground-water pollutants. It is reported that each year, the United States uses more than 3.8

Noyes new

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has released a Handbook of Industrial Membrane Technology. Mark Porter edits the book, which has an issue date of February 1990, with individual chapters written by Keith Fritsche of Romicon, Richard Baker of MTR and Enrico Drioli of the University of Calabria. The book emphasises the use of synthetic membranes for separation duties in industrial and municipal process streams, and process design and . . . opttmrsatron considerations are also covered. Noyes Publications is now known as Noyes Data Corporation and has since moved in to new premises in New Jersey. According to the authors the royalties for this publication are still flowing in. Back in 1990, the ICOM ‘90 event was being held in Chicago, IL, while the 8th European summer school on membrane science was held in Gargano, Italy. NATO were organising a course on chromatographic and membrane processes in biotechnology to be held in Portugal, while in Poland Dr H. Kleszczynska of the University of Agriculture at Wroclaw was putting together a symposium on Biophysics in Membrane Transport.

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tons of toxic solvents, used as cleaners, degreasers product ingredients in industries as electronics

manufacturing, adhesives, paints and other coatings, printing, de-inking and textile manufacturing. According to industry estimates, solvents made with ethyl lactate can replace conventional solvents in more than 80% of these applications. Argonne reduced the cost of producing ethyl lactate by improving separation and purification techniques in fermentation-based process to manufacture it, said Jim Frank, the scientist who manages the project for Argonne. “But our major breakthrough,” Frank said, “is a new, patented advanced membrane



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