Obstetrics and gynaecology

Obstetrics and gynaecology

604 Am.J.Obst.& Gynec. September, 1948 FRANK neoplasms of the bladder. The surgical treatment of the operations devised for this condition. The aut...

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Am.J.Obst.& Gynec. September, 1948


neoplasms of the bladder. The surgical treatment of the operations devised for this condition. The author consideration of Aldridge’s operation, The book will those whose work involves lesions of the urinary tract in This beautifully prepared atlas,13 mentary text, has gathered together what tract. It includes the variations due to teacher than to the clinical pathologist, But, even to the clinician, it will terial. mal. This publication has been sponsored

stress incontinence discusses most of has added a full and well-illustrated no doubt continue to be popular with the female. PHILIP F. WILLIAMS.

with its outstanding color plates and short comis known about the epithelia of the female genital the cycle. The monograph is of more value to the who rarely is able to obtain absolutely normal maprove of use as a source for reference as to the norby the Commonwealth Fund. R. T. FRANK.

The Washington Institute of Medicine is publishing eleven ( (Quarterly Reviews. ” The “Quarterly Review of Obstetrics and Gynecology’~ has appeared since 1943. To this has been added An Index of Obstetrics and Qym~ology 1940-49,14 actually now to December, 1946. This appears in looseleaf form, contains 23,495 references, with the promise of 6,000 more for 1947 as the first annual supplement. This index can be greatly improved for Seady reference by prominently repeating page titles next to the page numbers and by more prominent headings. In this present form it is necessary constantly to look for main headings. Pregnancy, for example, begins on page 284 ancl ends on page 320, making search unduly difficult. The index may be of use but cannot R. T. FRANK. compete with more complete bibliographies. In our February, 1948, review, we recorded the appearance of Exce~ta Medica, at that time in connection with R&di010~. We now announce the appearance of the first three numbers of Obstetric8 and gynecology, which is section X.15 It is under the same Amsterdam editorship, the object being to abstract every article on obstetric and gynecologic literature appearing in the medical literature of the world, by the inclusion of the tit,le, at the very least. The editors hope to publish these with little delay and to add informative abstracts occasionally. At the end of each volume there will be an index number. The editorial board int81udep well-known names throughout the world, the United States being represented b? Greenhill, Novak, St,ander, and Studdiford. The Excerpta are from the pens plans, this should stetriiz.

Medica appear in faultless English. The reviews of American articles of Americans and all are sound. If the editors are able to live up to their be a very useful addition to the armamentarium of gynecology and obR. T. FRANK.

Bettinotti published InsufilaUon’ with the aid

a handsome monograph on Hystmosalpingography of the kymograph,ls the purpose being the problem

and Uterotubal of tubal factors

‘8The Epithelis of Woman’s Reproductive Organs. By George N. Papanicolaou, M.D., PrOft?sSOr Of Clinical Anatomy, Cornell University Medical College. Herbert F. Traut, M..D., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of California dedical School’ and qndrew A. Marchetti, M.D., Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cornell &iverslty Medical College. 53 pages, 32 plates. The Commonwealth Fund. 1948. ‘*Obstetrics and Gynecology. Index 1940-49. 375 pages. Washington Institute of Medicine, Washington. D. C. i6&&&s and Qrnaacology, being Section X of Exeerpta Medioa a complete monthly abstracting servfce of every article from every available medical journ& in the world, comprising 15 sections and coverin the whole Aeld of cli,nical and experimental medicine. Under the general editorship of M. 5? Woerdeman, M.D., F.R.N.A.S.. Professor of Anatomy and EmbryoIogy in the University bf Amsterdam, Chairman: A. P. H. A. De Kleyn, M.D., F.R.N.A.S., Professor of Oto-, Rhino-. Laryngology in the University of Amsterdam: W. P. C. Zeeman, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology in the University of Amsterdam. Sub-editor: I. A. Wijsenbeek, M.D., Amsterdam. Vol I, No. 1. Section X. January. 1948: $01. I. No 2 Section X, February, 1948: Vol. I, No. 3, Section X, March 1948. N.V. Excerpta Medical Amsterdam C. (The Netherlands). l~R~&eroaakI~~aia 7 Persuflscion Uterotnbsrios Quimografiea. La Exploration Del Fautor T&&CO en El Studio De La Eaterilidad Humana. Trabajo prerniado por la Sociedad de Obstetrlcia y Ginecologia de Buenos Aires. By Dr. Albert0 Eduardo Bettinotti. 279 pages. . “El Ateneo.” Buenos Aires, 1947. ph.u.,