Official Representatives at Drug Abuse Conference

Official Representatives at Drug Abuse Conference

to allow interested persons to have access to the kind of information we are able to develop. Where do we go from here? We have two motions that were ...

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to allow interested persons to have access to the kind of information we are able to develop. Where do we go from here? We have two motions that were passed. A task force has been set up and the list of organizations that will be invited to send representatives has been composed. That's a very significant step and a move in the right direction. But obviously we have posed more questions than we have answered. I want to suggest the kinds of functions that this task force may be able to carry out. One is to provide national leadership and coor· dination for our drug abuse efforts. The second .is to survey and to disseminate information on materials of any kind that we feel are necessary. The third is to identify those critical stated and unstated assumptions which are involved in our efforts to curb drug abuse. We can also use this step to suggest necessary research if this is what comes out of the task force's deliberations. We could develop a national "think tank" on drug abuse to identify the critical issues that have not been clearly identified and clearly spelled out in terms which we may use. The fourth possible function is to stimulate regional, state and local involvement in drug abuse by establishing interdisciplinary committees responding to felt needs at the community level. The fifth possible function is to evaluate and to develop the role of professional education. This evaluation includes the efforts ·o f physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, teachers and parents .. The sixth possible function is to serve as a standing committee to give visibility to effective programs. The seventh and last functiori is to consider the development of a consistent body of knowledge in the drug abuse area. This development may not be possible_ We have all said that education is a matter of presenting the facts and letting people make up their own minds. We may seriously disagree

about what the facts are and we obviously have differences about the role of pharmacological effects and about the role of attitudes and values. I think we need to determine a level of consensus before we move ahead. This task force can develop a common denominator of agreement which Will be a very positive force in carrying out the rec· ommendations that have been made. I want to make one suggestion about how a task force might be able to operate because we have heard a proliferation of suggestions as to what might happen in drug abuse education. We need a small, stable, enduring secre· tariat to identify many of the functions that we have talked about, to find the level of interest in the country and to discover which groups would like to participate in a National Coordinating Council. We have identified a communality of interest and we have found a significant commitment to education as a means of controlling drug abuse. There are many issues we must face, let us face them directly~what kind of organization should we have; what should the scope of our efforts be; do we want to include just drugs or do we want to include all abused substances; what is the authority of this task force-whom does it represent; what are the hierarchies of purposes that such a task force might face; education for what; education for whom; will we adopt a primarily substantive or procedural approach to the drug abuse problem? Another issue is the source of funds and I think this is a secondary issue. Once you identify a commitment the funds will follow. And lastly, there are the theoretical issues which we must attempt to · clarify. We need several good models to follow so that we can clarify a great many of the troublesome theoretical issues. We have shared a coricern here and we have found a national commitment to a goal that will be enduring. •

official representatives American Academy of General Practice Smith, Arthur T. (Kansas City, Missouri) American Academy of Pediatrics Wood, Charles L., MD (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Bliven, Charles W. (Silver Spring, Maryland) American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation and National Education Association Mileff, Edward (Washington, D.C.) American College of Apothecaries Morgenroth, Victor, Jr. (Baltimore, Maryland) American College Health Association Moy, Richard H., MD (Lincoln, Nebraska) American Dental Association Oberle, Thomas J. (Washington, D.C.) American Hospital Association, . FrederickN ., MD (Chicago, Illinois) American Medical Association Brill, Henry, MD (Long Island, New York) American National Red Cross Townsend, Terry (Washington, D.C.) American Orthopsychiatric Association Werkman, Sidney L. (Washington, D.C.) American Osteopathic Association Northrup, George W ., DO (Chicago, Illinois) American Pharmaceutical Association . Grider, George W . (Danville, Kentucky) American Pha rmaceutical Association Student Section . Gibson, Dewey A. (Mobile, Alabama) American Psychiatric Association Kern, Howard, MD (Washington, b.c.) American Public Health Association Balassone, F.S. (Baltimore, Maryland) American Social Health Association Wi~ick, Charles (New York, New York) American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Eisenberg, Herman (Bethesda, Maryland) American Veterinary Medical Association Todd, Frank A., DVM (Washington D.C.) Association of Food and Drug Offici~ls of the


Bernstein, Ralph (New York, New York)


Association of State .C olleges and Universities Morey, John H: (Frostburg, Maryland) Boy Scouts of America Bushnell, M.T. (New Brunswick, New Jersey) Federal Bureau of Narcotics Gaffney, George H. (Washington, D.C.) Food and Drug Administration Rankin, Winton B. (Washington, D.C.) Food and Drug Directorate Allmark, M. Gordon (Ottawa, Canada) General Federation Qf Women's Clubs Lawrence, Walter (Mrs.) (Washington, D.C.) Girl Scouts bf the U.S.A. Weeks, Mary M. (New York, New York) Institute for the Stutly of Drug Addiction Einstein, Stanley (New York, New York} National Advisory Committee on Alcoholism Silverman, Milton M. (Washington , D :C.) National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Griswold, Kenneth S. (Albany, New York) National Association of Broadcasters Couric, John M. (Washington, D.C.) National Association of Retail Druggists Woods, William (Chicago, IllinoiS) National AssoCiation for Retarded Children Axelrod, Ida (New York, New York) National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Nowlis, Helen H. (Rochester, New York) National Board of Young Men's Christian Association Singer, C. Edward (Washington, D.C.) National Board of Young Women's Christian Association Banister,. George B. (Mrs.) (New York, New York) National Congress of Parents and Teachers Baisinger, William C. (Mrs.) (Washington, D.C.) National Council on Alcoholism Robertson, Frances A. (Mrs.) (New York, New York) National Council of Churches Johnson, C. Lincoln (New York, New York)


National Council of State Pharmaceutical Association Executives D.aniels, W. Allen (Madison, Wisconsin) National Health Council McMahon, Michael E. (New York, New York) National Institute of Mental Health Miller, Morton G., MD (Chevy Chase, Maryland) National Interagency Council for Smoking and Health Horn, Daniel (Arlington, Virginia) National League for Nursing D.unn, Mary Elizabeth (Arlington, Virginia) National Planning Council for Poison Prevention Week V~rhulst, Henry L. (Arlington, Virginia) National Research Council E~dy, Nathan B., MD (Bethesda, Maryland) NatIOnal Safety Council A.nderson, Donald L. (Chicago, Illinois) NatIOnal Wholesale Druggists' Association ~ord, William L. (New York, New York) Office of Education, Department of Health Education and Welfare ' Schneider, Elsa (WashingtOn, D.C.) Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Munsey: Rodney R. (Washington, D.C.) The Proprietary Association Mercill, Alan W . (Washington, D.C.) School Health Education Study S.liepc~vich, Elena M. (Washington, D.C.) Smith Kline and French Laboratories Fletcher, Donald K. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) The Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Parris, .Wendell (Washington, D.C.) United Nations Association of the U.S.A. Bassow, Whitman (New York, New York) U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce Kilbridge, Thomas B., Jr. (Tulsa, Oklahoma) United States Congress Rogers, Paul G., The Honorable (Washington, D.C.) U.S. National Student Association Hollander, Charles (Washington, D.C.)