Solenoid valves have lower power consumption

Solenoid valves have lower power consumption

8 Product news WORLD PUMPS September 2010 Centrifugal thermoplastic pump reduces footprint The pump has a sealless, single-stage, volute-type cent...

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Product news


September 2010

Centrifugal thermoplastic pump reduces footprint The pump has a sealless, single-stage, volute-type centrifugal design with all fluid contact components moulded of homogenous polypropylene or PVDF. The components stand alone and are chemically inert and abrasion-resistant, helping eliminate pinpoint porosity, substrate separation and the wear associated with plastic lined pumps. The close-coupled CGMC design reduces overall length by approximately 20% compared to other pumps in the range, allowing placement in restricted spaces. Vanton’s new centrifugal pump.

Vanton Pump has developed a new centrifugal pump in its CHEM-GARD CGMC closecoupled, magnetically-driven

thermoplastic range, in sizes from 38×25×152-76×51×203 mm for flows up to 91 m3/hr at heads up to 50 m TDH.

Mixing tank improves production fifty fold Terracon, a provider of nonmetallic tanks and fluid containment solutions, and New England Sales, a resale distributor and manufacturer's representative, have produced a customized mixing tank for a new semi-viscous liquid coating product which, the companies say, will help the client expand production capacity by 50 times. The new mixing system combines a 250 gallon linear polyethylene tank, two air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, a ten micron outlet filter and a custom-designed air-driven mixer with specially-

coated shaft and impellers. The new system mixes, blends, filters and dispenses the liquid coating product in larger quantities while reducing installation and maintenance requirements. All powered equipment has to be air driven and no metal can touch the liquid coating product because of its highly corrosive nature. The tank is mobile within the manufacturer's plant, so the sub-frame and casters needed to support over 2,500 lb.

The pumps also feature permanent rare earth magnets to transmit power, with the inner magnet rotor assembly encapsulated in thick-walled thermoplastic.

A non-metallic containment can assembly reduces losses in magnetic force and pump efficiency by eliminating troublesome eddy currents. The CHEM-GARD CGMC is available with ANSI centerline suction and discharge, amd allows removal for maintenance without disturbing existing piping. It can accommodate standard C-face motors. The thermoplastic wet end is encased by structural metal armour that is protected by a chemical resistant epoxy coating, enabling the pump to withstand hostile environments and tolerate the same nozzle loadings as metal pumps.

Range of droplet generation systems Dolomite has introduced a micro droplet system which allows users to produce more than 10,000 monodispersed droplets per second. The system is suitable for applications including compartmentalised chemistry, high throughput experimentation and the formation of monodispersed emulsions or beads. The micro droplet system comprises the pressurebased droplet starter system, the syringe-based droplet starter system, and the droplet advanced system. For bespoke applications, Dolomite designs and manufac-

Water in oil droplets.

tures custom chips, tailored to meet laboratory requirements.

Solenoid valves have lower power consumption Gems Sensors & Controls has developed the E Series family of pneumatic solenoid valves that have a lower power consumption of 0.65 watts. The valves also have fast response times, and highpressure/high-flow capabilities. They are suitable for air and

dry gas applications in medical and respiratory healthcare devices, printing machinery and sorting equipment, automated packaging equipment, or air monitoring systems.

nickel cylindrical body, with diameters less than ¾ in (19 mm), and lengths under 2 in (50.8 mm). Seal and o-ring options include Viton, nitrile and EPR and silicone.

The E Series solenoid valves incorporate a coil housing construction and a compact

They are available in multiple 2 or 3-way configurations including normally open, normally closed,

and multi-purpose and directional control 3-way models. Orifice sizes ranging from .032 to .078 in (.81 to 1.98 mm), and port configurations that include #10-32 straight thread, M5 × 0.8 threads, manifold mount and bottom under-seat port.