Walker Filtration completes UK move

Walker Filtration completes UK move

NEWS Alfa Laval’s selling divisions now include Equipment, Process Technology and Marine & Diesel. The Marine & Diesel division includes Marine & Offs...

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NEWS Alfa Laval’s selling divisions now include Equipment, Process Technology and Marine & Diesel. The Marine & Diesel division includes Marine & Offshore Systems, Marine & Diesel Equipment and Parts & Service. Marine & Offshore Systems covers global new sales of Alfa Laval Aalborg’s boilers, inert gas systems, waste heat recovery units and floating production systems to marine and offshore customers. Marine & Diesel Equipment includes global new sales of Alfa Laval’s traditional product range as well as the Alfa Laval Aalborg waste heat recovery units to diesel customers. For further information, visit www.alfalaval.com

UOP offers Twister separation technology


OP LLC has entered into an exclusive marketing alliance with the Netherlands-based Twister BV to offer the Twister supersonic gas separation technology, which is used to remove water and heavy hydrocarbons present in natural gas. The technology expands UOP’s current suite of natural gas processing technologies and equipment that remove impurities such as water, carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds and mercury from natural gas streams, and that separate and recover natural gas liquids. Honeywell’s UOP has also acquired a minority interest in Twister BV. “Natural gas has quickly become an important source of energy in markets around the world,” said Rajeev Gautam, president and CEO of Honeywell’s UOP. “Twister’s state-of-the-art solutions put UOP in a unique position to offer turn-key gas processing solutions and give our customers an advantage in a rapidly growing segment.” The Twister supersonic separator is used to condense and separate water and heavy hydrocarbons for natural gas dehydration, hydrocarbon dewpointing and natural gas liquid extraction. The compact, lightweight system has no rotating parts and requires no chemicals; these features allow for simple and reliable operation. Meanwhile UOP says that its adsorbent ion exchange products are successfully being used by Toshiba Corp and Shaw Global Services LLC for the cleanup of radiation-

December 2011

contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. The Simplified Active Water Retrieve and Recovery System (SARRY) is using UOP IONSIV ion exchangers to remove and reduce radioactive materials in the contaminated wastewater. The SARRY system, developed by Toshiba, Shaw and AVANTech Inc, has been in operation for over three months and continues to reduce radioactive cesium to non-detectable levels. For further information, visit www.uop.com and www.twisterbv.com

US filter market worth more than US$12bn in 2015


emand for filters in the US is expected to increase 7.1% per year to US$12.6 billion in 2015. Filters, a new study from The Freedonia Group Inc, says this growth reflects improved manufacturing activity and industrial investment, a recovery in motor vehicle production and sales, and a rebound in consumer spending from a low 2010 base. Stricter environmental regulations - particularly those involving reduced emissions from electric utilities and diesel engines, and better water quality - will also drive growth. Additionally, Freedonia expects heightened concerns about water and indoor air quality to boost demand for filters in the consumer market. Ongoing sales in the aftermarket, which accounts for the vast majority of demand, will also drive gains. However, growth in the aftermarket will be offset somewhat by users’ tendency to replace filters less often than recommended by manufacturers. Longer lasting media or other technologies that extend filter life will also restrain sales. Filters, published November 2011, is available for US$5100 from www.freedoniagroup.com

Walker Filtration completes UK move


alker Filtration Ltd has moved into its new 12 000 sq m manufacturing facility in Washington, Tyne

& Wear, UK (see Filtration Industry Analyst, May 2011). The investment gives Walker Filtration increased production capability, fully integrated flexible production systems, improved design and development facilities, as well as three clean rooms for specialist products. For further information, visit www.walkerfiltration.com

Ecolab and Nalco seal merger


colab Inc and Nalco Holding Co have merged, creating an US$11 billion global water, hygiene and energy services company (see Filtration Industry Analyst, July 2011). The merger combines Nalco’s strength in water and energy services with Ecolab’s strong position in the food and beverage, healthcare and institutional markets. Nalco, with sales of US$4.25 billion and more than 12 000 employees, is now an Ecolab company.

For further information, visit http://one.ecolab-nalco. com, www.ecolab.com and www.nalco.com

Pentair cuts Q4 2011 guidance


entair expects fourth quarter 2011 reported net earnings per diluted share from continuing operations (EPS) to be US$0.51–0.53. Excluding acquisition related costs, the company expects adjusted fourth quarter 2011 EPS of US$0.53–0.55, down from a previous forecast of US$0.59–0.62. The revised outlook reflects weaker western European sales, along with lower than expected residential water treatment component volume and the related negative impact on operating income, offset, in part, by increased productivity. The company expects further repositioning actions in the fourth quarter not yet reflected in this 2011 EPS outlook. As a result, Pentair anticipates full year 2011 reported EPS of US$2.20–2.22. Excluding acquisition related costs and restructuring charges, the company expects adjusted full year 2011 EPS of US$2.38– 2.40, an increase of 19–20% on 2010.

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