Call for Annual Meeting Paper

Call for Annual Meeting Paper

call for annual meeting papers nterested persons a:r.e invited to submit papers for the 117th annual meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Associatio...

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call for annual meeting papers nterested persons a:r.e invited to submit papers for the 117th annual meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association in Washington, D.C., April 12-17, 1970. Contributors to the meetings of the sections of the APhA Academy of PharmaceuUcal Scienoes must submit titles and abstracts of papers to the appropriate section. All abstracts (200 words) for the "abstracts" book must be typed on offidal forms available from the Academy office at APhA headquarters. The sections on basic pharmaoeutics, industrial pharmaceutical technology and medicinal chemistry request, in addition to the 200-word abstract, five (5) copies of a 1,000-word abstract or of the complete manuscript before Deoember 1, 1969, to facilitate their paper screening program. Deadline for receipt of the 200-word


abstracts for the section on pharmacology and biochemistry also is December 1, 1969. Abstracts for this section must be sponsored or co-authored by a senior member of the section. Deadline for 'all other sections is January 1, 1970. Titles and abstracts for AIHP are not to exceed 250 words and must be submitted before Deoember 15, 1969. Titles and abstracts must be submitted by January 10 for the Academy of General Practice of Pharmacy, the Military Pharmacy Section and Student APhA. Student papers are due by February 16 and notices of 'a cceptanoe will be given by MaTch 12. Please direct all materials and inquiries to the appropriate official listed below-

Academy of General Practice of Pharmacy Richard P. Penna Secretary 2215 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20037

Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Basic Pharmaceutics Anthon¥ P. Simonelli College of Pharmacy University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI48104 Medicinal Chemistry Blaine M. Sutton 2435 Byberry Road Hatboro, PA 19040

Economics and Administrative Science Michael D. Jacoff College of Pharmacy University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI 02881 Pha,rmaceutical Analysis and Control Carl R. Rehm 556 Morris Avenue Summit, NJ 07901

Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology Hal N. Wolkoff 66 Golf Road Bloomfield, NJ 07003 Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Jack L. Beal College of Pharmacy Ohio State University Columbus, OH 43210

Pharmacology and Biochemistry Kenneth F. Finger College of Pha rma'cy University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32601




APhA Military Pharmacy Section

Student APhA

American Institute of the History of Pharmacy

Capt. Boris J. Osheroff, USPHS Building 31 National Institutes of Health Room 2A-08A Bethesda', MD 20014

William T. King 400 Park Drive Oxford, MS 38655

Sami K. Hamarneh, Chairman AIHP Section' on Contributed Papers Division of Medicall Sciences Smithsonian. Institution Washington, DC 20560

national health show slated


new medical and science information medium-The National Health Show -will soon begin a tour of the country, Heade.d by Edmund R. Beckwith Jr., former president of Squibb, The National Health Show will bring together key exhibits and displays from all branches of the health field. Its objectives are to underscore the contributions made by all medical services, voluntary health societies, governmental agencies, the private 532

corporations that research and produce medical products and the professional groups that provide the services. It is intended to serve the Amerioan public as an e,ducational medium. In a special effort to reach young people., the show's morning hours in each city will be limited exclusively to school classes, free of charge. The show is slated for a two-year tour across the country. During the next twoyears, the exhibition will visit 20 different


cities with visilts each year to New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles. The exhibition will advertise before show opening in each metropolitan area via newspapers, radio, television and billboards and in cooperating clinics, pharmacies and schools. Direct mail advertising will go to health professionals. Additional information is available from National Health Show, Research Park/ State Road, Princeton, NJ 08540.