Cummins completes sale of light duty filtration business

Cummins completes sale of light duty filtration business

NEWS to working closely with them, and leveraging their world class experience”. “We have tremendous respect for Bluewater Bio’s strategy, technology ...

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NEWS to working closely with them, and leveraging their world class experience”. “We have tremendous respect for Bluewater Bio’s strategy, technology and team. Daniel and I share a similar vision and as such we’re proud to be part of funding their growth. This was a complex transaction to be sure and will serve as a template for future funding as Bluewater grows its global footprint. This is a great deal for both partners,” said Liberation Capital’s Garwood. Meanwhile Infilco Degremont (IDI) is to provide Bluewater Bio International’s HYBACS technology to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants across North America. The two companies are working towards the deployment of a full-scale HYBACS demonstration plant in the northeast region of the US. Bluewater Bio has supplied one of its SMART Units, which drives the HYBACS process, and IDI has supplied the plant, including aeration tanks and clarifiers, into which the SMART Unit is being installed. The plant as a whole has been designed by IDI to be mobile, despite its large size, and the customised SMART Unit allows for the flexibility to operate on different flows and loads at other sites in the future. The demonstration plant is expected to be installed at site by the end of November 2011, and will be one of IDI’s largest. Tony Hargrave, CEO of Infilco Degremont, said: “IDI has been working very closely with Bluewater Bio for quite some time to bring this project to fruition as we now prepare to launch this technology in the US, as part of IDI’s portfolio of wastewater technologies. We see great potential and many opportunities for HYBACS in North America.” Ishag added: “This marks an exciting development in the history of Bluewater Bio and we have worked closely with IDI in the USA. The US is an enormous prospective market for HYBACS, particularly as a significant proportion of waste water assets were installed in the 1950s and 60s, and HYBACS is perfectly suited to the upgrading of such plants which is frequently required. Bluewater Bio has worked hard to establish itself in international markets such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and China and we could not wish for a better partner to now go forward with into North America over the coming years.” For further information, visit, and

November 2011

Memstar to supply membranes to Hydranautics


emstar Technology Ltd has entered into a manufacturing and supply agreement with Nitto Denko Corp’s Hydranautics to provide high performance hollow fibre membrane products. The membranes will be developed and manufactured at Memstar’s facilities in Singapore, Guangzhou and Mianyang City, China. Dr Ge Hailin, CEO of Memstar, said: “This is an exciting development for Memstar as it fortifies our track record as a leading hollow fiber membrane producer in the water treatment sector and allows us to partner with Hydranautics, a global leader in membrane technology. Our cooperation with the subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation, one of Japan’s largest diversified materials manufacturer will pave the way for us to develop our technology further and allow us to expand OEM business segment.”

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Metso buys filtration component maker Fabco Inc

Amiad looks to Europe for growth


miad Water Systems has established Amiad Water Systems Europe SAS to target growth opportunities in the European market. Arik Dayan, CEO of Amiad, said: “The establishment of Amiad Europe reflects our commitment to developing solutions for, and providing services to, European customers. We wanted to extend to greater Europe the expertise developed by Amiad France over the last 10 years in the industrial and municipal fields. As a result of its developed nature, there is a great number of European-based water treatment and engineering companies and projects for us to target, and Amiad is able to customise and develop its applications to be well-suited for this key sophisticated market.” “Europe is one of the most advanced and sophisticated markets globally for water treatment and filtration. In the municipal sector, there is an increasing demand for innovative, chemical-free, low energy, compact treatment systems that offer very fine macro and micro filtration,” said Bruno Jauneaud, CEO of Amiad Europe. The establishment of Amiad Europe follows Amiad’s acquisition of the remaining 34% of Amiad France SARL’s issued share capital, to consolidate all of the company’s central and western European activity. Located in France, the wholly-owned subsidiary continues to be managed by Jauneaud, the former CEO of Amiad France. For further information, visit


etso has acquired Fabco Inc (Fabrication Company of Maine), a US manufacturer and servicer of filtration components for the pulp and paper industry. Located in Winthrop, Maine and employing 20 people, Fabco offers filtration solutions for a paper mill’s woodyard, pulp mill, paper machine and waste water treatment. Fabco products include disc filter sectors, drum filter covers, belt press belts, sector covers, vibrating and polishing filter screens and recausticizing products. Fabco will be affiliated to Metso’s Paper and Fiber Technology segment - Filtration Services.

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Cummins completes sale of light duty filtration business


S private equity firm Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP) has acquired Cummins Inc’s light duty filtration assets (see Filtration Industry Analyst, September 2011). IOP has renamed the business Kuss Filtration Inc. Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, Kuss provides light duty automotive and industrial filtration solutions serving approximately 250 customers worldwide in the automotive, industrial equipment, materials handling, lawn and

Filtration Industry Analyst



Dividends • The Xylem Inc board of directors has declared a cash dividend of US$0.1012 per share for the fourth quarter of 2011. This cash dividend will be paid on 31 December 2011 to shareholders of record on 16 November 2011. ITT Corp spun off its water-related businesses as Xylem at the end of October 2011. The Xylem share has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1 November 2011 (see News, page 1). • Cantel Medical Corp’s board has approved an increase in its semiannual cash dividend to US$0.07 per outstanding share of the company’s common stock. The dividend is payable on 31 January 2012 to shareholders of record on 17 January 2012. This raises Cantel Medical’s annual dividend payment from US$0.12 to US$0.14 per share. “The increase demonstrates Cantel’s strong financial position and our confidence in Cantel’s future performance,” said Charles Diker, Cantel Medical chairman. • 3M, parent company of Cuno, has declared a dividend on the company’s common stock of US$0.55 per share for the fourth quarter of 2011, which is payable on 12 December 2011 to shareholders of record on 25 November 2011. 3M has paid dividends to its shareholders without interruption for more than 95 years. As of 30 September 2011, 3M had 700 844 681 common shares outstanding and 101 546 shareholders of record. • The CECO Environmental Corp quarterly cash dividend of US$0.025 per share will be paid on 30 December 2011, to all shareholders of record on 15 December 2011. • Donaldson Co Inc’s regular cash dividend of US$0.15 per share will be paid on 16 December 2011. This is the 225th consecutive quarterly cash dividend paid by Donaldson over 56 years. • SPX Corp’s quarterly dividend of US$0.25 per common share is payable on 4 January 2012 to shareholders of record on 14 December 2011.


Filtration Industry Analyst

garden, agricultural, and motorcycle industries. The Kuss product range includes in-tank fuel filters, embedded pleated paper filters, specialty automotive filters, specialty industrial filters, and intake and cabin air panel filters. Cummins will remain a key customer of and supplier to Kuss. Hasnain Merchant, formerly general manager of the Findlay, Ohio location, will become CEO of Kuss. “Although Kuss was non-core to Cummins due to its primary end markets, the company has developed a strong product portfolio, has talented and dedicated employees, and presents attractive growth opportunities. We look forward to partnering with IOP to focus on continuing to grow the business,” said Merchant. For further information, visit and

Lanxess increases ion exchange resin prices


pecialty chemicals company Lanxess is to increase prices globally for its Lewatit ion exchange resins. The price increases will vary by application and region. In the Asia-Pacific region, for example, a price rise of 7.5% will apply to Lewatit resins for industrial water treatment and ultrapure and nuclear applications. Prices in the specialised water segment will also increase by 7.5%. In Europe and North America, the prices of Lewatit resins for industrial water treatment, ultrapure and nuclear applications and specialties will go up by 4%. Adsorber and exchange resins used in the pharmaceutical industry and exchange resins for the chemical processing segment will increase 7.5%.

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RWL Water Group builds portfolio with Eurotec acquisition


WL Water LLC has acquired a controlling interest in Eurotec WTT, an Italian manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems. Headquartered in Padova, Italy, Eurotec has more than 200 installations worldwide.

The company specialises in the aerobic and anaerobic treatment of sludge and the processing of biomass into energy sources. Established in 2010 by Ronald Lauder, an heir to the Estée Lauder cosmetics empire, RWL Water Group is a privately-held holding company focused on creating global water treatment solutions to meet the growing need for clean water. RWL Water Group’s portfolio of water and wastewater treatment companies already includes advanced membrane technology specialist Nirosoft in Israel and aeration systems manufacturer Aeromix in the US. The combined companies give RWL Water Group an installed base of more than 3000 water treatment systems in over 60 countries. “Eurotec is a key acquisition in RWL Water Group’s growth strategy that will allow us to expand our waste-to-energy offerings, and provide a singular advantage to middle market customers seeking full-service capabilities to handle their water concerns,” said Lauder. “The combined strength of the three portfolio companies will allow our customers to access the most competitive water and wastewater treatment offerings specifically designed to meet their needs. Our goal is to help unlock the hidden value in their operations and facilitate the reuse of resources to increase their economic and environmental sustainability.” “Under RWL Water Group, Eurotec will significantly expand its waste-to-energy offerings, as well as its presence in the food processing industry, globally,” said Maurizio Tiarca, managing director and sales manager of Eurotec WWT. For further information, visit

Future Technologies to distribute HTI technology in Middle East


orward osmosis membrane specialist Hydration Technology Innovations LLC (HTI) has reached a distribution, services and cooperation agreement with Dubai-based Future Technologies LLC. Future Technologies will distribute HTI’s FO OsMem membrane technology for industrial applications, including the downstream oil & gas industry, in the Middle East. “Future Technologies is an ideal fit for the distribution of our forward osmosis technology within the Middle East/North Africa (MENA)

November 2011