Volume 48, No. Octo~r 196' ~ PERICARDIAI. CYSTS 9 FLAVELL, G.: An Introduction to Chest Surgery, Oxford University Press, London, 1957. 10 LAM, C...

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Volume 48, No. Octo~r




9 FLAVELL, G.: An Introduction to Chest Surgery, Oxford University Press, London, 1957. 10 LAM, C. R.: "Pericardial Coelomic Cysts," Radiology, 48:239~ 1947. .' .' t1 RINGERTZ, N. AND LIDHOLM, S. 0.: "Mediastinal Tumors and Cysts," ]. Thor. Surg., 31: 458, 1956. 12 WATSON, W. L., POOL, J. L., CAHAN, W. G., CLIFFTON, E. E. AND LUOMANEN. R. J.: "Tu-


mors of the Mediastinum," personal communication. 13 DE ROOVER, PH., MAISIN, J. AND LACQUET, A.: "Congenital Pleuropericardial Cysts," Thorax, 18: 149, 1963. For reprints, please write Dr. Lemmon, 1500 Vine Street. Philadelphia.

EFFECT OF CO 2 INHALATION IN MITRAL STENOSIS Arterial blood gases, pulmonary ventillation and mechanics of breathing were studied in six healthy subjects and in eight patients with mitral stenosis. These parameters were measured while breathing room air and during Inhalation of 5 per cent CO:: in oxygen for 18 minutes. In healthy subjects, there '..:as a four-fold Increase in minute volume and significant rise In the total lung resistance. with no change In lun~ compliance following CO., stimulation. -

In patients with mitral stenosis. CO2 Inhalation resulted in a three-fold increase in minute ventilation. The total lung resistance, which was initially much raised, did not change following inhalation of this gas mixture. The possible mechanisms regarding the effect of CO2 on the mechanics of breathing In health and In mitral stenosis are discussed. BRUOERMAN, I., BRAUN, K. AND ROGEL, S.: "Effect of COJ Inhalation on Ventilation and Mechanics of Breathing in Mitral Disease." B,it. Hea" I., 27:177. 1965.

VENOCAVOGRAPHY IN LUNG CARCINOMA Venocavography was employed in 23 patients suffering from carcinoma of the lung. The contrast nledium was introduced into the main veins of both arms. There were no complications. Pathology of veins of the anterior mediastinum. caused by the neoplastic process, was found in 15 patients. The characteristic pathologic signs were as follows: a displacement and constrIction of veIns, regional defects of filling and defects of the polypoid type. VeIns of the anterior mediastinum become more commonly Involved In cancer of the upper lobe of the right lung and In mediastinal form of cancer.

Clinical symptom of venous lesions appear only when the blood flow Is greatly Impeded. In the absence of clinical manifestations, an Involvement of veins by the neoplastic process could be revealed only by means of venocavography. Contrast investigation of the superior vena cava and anonymous vein is a valuable addItional method which helps to assess the operabllity of patients suffering from pulmonary carcinoma. V. A.: "Venocavography in Carcinoma of the Lung," C/in. MtiJ. (USSR), 43:13, 196~.


COLLEGE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM The American College of Chest Physicians is offering three fellowships, as indicated below: Eudowood Fellowship for Tuberculosis with a grant of $2,500.00 per year for postgraduate training in the United States in tuberculosis. Candidates must hold the ECFMG certificate. Li Shu-Fan Fellowship for Postgraduate Study in Chest Disease appropriates $1,00.00 annually for a twelve month period of training in any country. If the postgraduate trainiing is taken in the United States, the ECFMG certificate would be required.

Alfred A. Richman Fellowship for Chest Disease offers $100.00 a month for a period of one year's postgraduate study in any country. Candidates must hold the ECFMG certificate if training in the V nited States. Physicians who are interested in the above fellowships should contact Dr. Andrew L. BanAffairs, at the Executive Office of the AmerAffairs, at the Executive Affices of the American College of Chest Physicians, 112 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, V.S.A., for application forms.