Degussa plans plant for biodiesel catalysts

Degussa plans plant for biodiesel catalysts

FOCUS Europe. The 50-50 venture will have an investment budget of $80-100 M. Chemische Rundschau, 5 Jun 2007, (6), 59 (in German) & The Chemical Engin...

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FOCUS Europe. The 50-50 venture will have an investment budget of $80-100 M. Chemische Rundschau, 5 Jun 2007, (6), 59 (in German) & The Chemical Engineer, Jun 2007, (792), 6

Carlyle Group to buy PQ Corp Carlyle Group is to buy PQ Corp from CCMP Capital for $1.5 bn. PQ is involved in speciality inorganic chemicals, catalysts, and engineered glass. PQ had trailing 12-months EBITDA of $151.2 M as of 1Q 2007 and sales of $909 M in 2006. ICIS Chemical Business Americas, 4 and 11 Jun 2007 (Website: & ICIS Chemical Business, 11 Jun 2007 (Website: & Chemical Week, 6 Jun 2007 (Website:

Catalytica Energy Systems, 1Q 2007 On 8 May 2007, Catalytica Energy Systems announced the signing of a definitive agreement pursuant to which the renewable energy divisions of NZ Legacy LLC (a privately owned Arizona land and energy development company), which include Snowflake White Mountain Power LLC, Renegy LLC, and Renegy Trucking LLC, businesses engaged in creating and operating renewable energy power projects and harvesting biomass fuel, will combine with Catalytica Energy Systems in an all-stock transaction. The combined companies will operate under a holding company to be called Renegy Holdings Inc. There is detailed discussion of the deal which is expected to close during 3Q 2007. Catalytica Energy Systems Reports 1Q 2007 Financial results, 15 May 2007, 1 (Catalytica Energy Systems Inc, 430 Ferguson Drive, Bldg 3, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Tel: +1 650 960 3000. Website:

Chiyoda licences titania catalyst for ultra deep HDS of diesel oil to Axens Chiyoda Corp is licensing titania catalyst for ultra deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of diesel oil to Axens. Chiyoda is aiming to supply the catalyst for diesel oil in order to meet sulfur content regulation which will be reinforced globally in future. Chiyoda joined a research project sponsored by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and Japan Petroleum Energy Center (JPEC), and has investigated titania




catalyst for the HDS of diesel oil. The activity of titania catalyst per unit surface area has been known to be more active than that of alumina which is normally used for hydrodesulfurization of diesel oil; however, technical problems in preparing the titania catalyst with a large surface area have prevented its commercial application. Chiyoda has invented a proprietary method to overcome this difficulty Press release from: Chiyoda Corporation. Website: (20 Jun 2007)

Degussa plans plant for biodiesel catalysts Degussa plans to build a 60,000 tonne/y plant in Mobile, AL, USA, for making sodium and potassium methoxide, which have applications as catalysts in biodiesel manufacture. The company expects to reach a final decision on the venture in mid-2007. Degussa aims to supply the North American market in 2H 2008. Chemical and Engineering News, 26 Mar 2007, 85 (13), 27 (Website:

Diversa and Celunol merge to create Verenium Corp Diversa Corp and Celunol Corp have completed their previously-announced merger transaction to create a new leader in the global biofuels industry. The combined company, which has been renamed Verenium Corp, possesses a growing portfolio of speciality enzyme products and unique technical and operational capabilities designed to enable the production of low-cost, biomassderived sugars for a multitude of major industrial applications. The most significant near-term commercial opportunity for Verenium will be the large-scale commercial production of cellulosic ethanol derived from multiple biomass feedstocks. Press release from: Diversa Corp, 4955, Directors Place, San Diego, CA 92121 1609, USA. Tel: +1 858 526 5000. Fax: +1 858 526 5551. E-mail: inform[email protected]. Website: (20 Jun 2007)

Enzyme sales up for Genencor in 20062007 Via its daughter company Genencor, Danisco achieved a substantial

growth in the sale of enzymes for bioethanol production in fiscal 20062007. The launch of Spezyme, which is replacing Spezyme Ethyl, has proved more difficult than expected because not all customers have found the product to be the optimal solution for their production technology. This has led to the loss of a number of customers. Nevertheless, Genencor achieved 19% organic growth in this area in 2006-2007. Bioethanol is a priority area for Genencor and R&D will therefore be intensified. Dagbladet Borsen, 20 Jun 2007 (Website: (in Danish)

Genencor introduces a greener, more efficient enzyme for ethanol production Genencor announced a new enzyme product that significantly improves the process of converting corn to ethanol by increasing throughput and the value of its by-product, known as distiller’s dried grain with solubles (DDGS) used as a component in formulating animal feed. Called Maxaliq ONE, the new enzyme product offers the next generation technology that continues to advance the production of biofuels. Maxaliq ONE blend contains a novel thermostable enzyme that is used as a processing aid to efficiently reduce viscosity of the liquefact and break down phytic acid in grains to create a higher value by-product DDGS. Press release from: Genencor International Inc, 200, Meridian Centre Boulevard, Rochester, NY 146183916, USA. Tel: +1 585 256 5200. Fax: +1 585 256 6952. Website: (20 Jun 2007)

Idemitsu to use zeolite in ethylbenzene manufacture Idemitsu Kosan’s Chiba plant will switch from using aluminium chloride to a zeolite catalyst in manufacturing ethylbenzene. The change, slated for adoption by fiscal 2008 ending 31 Mar 2009, is aimed at improving production efficiency for styrene monomer at the site. The Japanese company estimates an energy saving effect of some 20% with the new production process. Idemitsu has an aggregate domestic output capacity of 550,000 tonne/y. Japan Chemical Week, 31 May 2007, 48 (2418), 4